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  1. What are your opinions on Tara's boyfriend?

    Talked with Leo C about this last Thursday during Impact and we were both pretty entertained by him.

    He's a decent talker on the stick.

    He was good at working with facial features and has a good look.

    He was decent at drawing heat.

    He played up a somewhat comical match really well with ODB.

    His ring skills seem to be good/acceptable. One cannot judge a guys full ring skills on a match with a woman since Spike has the no violence on women rule but he worked the ring well if you ask me and Leo.

    He also sold really well.

    If this is what he wants to do (and I think so since he troopered out the whole OVW process instead of going all celebrity whiney and asking for main roster from the start) then I think he can get some measures of success in TNA if used right and if he works hard. Not World Champion but I think he could work well in the TV title scene and the mid card.

    What are your opinions on him?
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  2. Described him nicely. I have faith in him to one day become the badass player in TNA.
  3. His whole shtick with Tara gets on my nerves, and I honestly had no clue who he was when he was revealed. Still, as far as he goes overall, I could see him working out well with TNA if they do utilize him properly. It's just his role as Tara's boyfriend and her behavior in the whole scheme of things that currently grates on my nerves. He seems like he'd be a good wrestler to have, though, and he would draw pretty well, as they saw.
  4. He got his roster page today:
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