So last nights Main Event.

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  1. This was obviously a panic mode because of the recent ratings. They shoved comedian Cena down our throats with two long segments. They used Cole to annoy the shit out of the casual fans to stick around and watch Cena embarrass him. My opinion is, why go through all that utter bullshit when you have Mark "Ratings" Henry who could be in Big Show's place right now carrying the show?

    Last night's main event actually contributed nothing to the Cena/Show feud, but it still main evented. Unless they're planning Cena/Cole after NWO then that's utter retarded booking. We want Henry!
  2. Not only did that main event not contribute anything to Cena's current feud it also further killed any chance of Cena's character ever really getting any cred back. This guy is supposed to be the face of the company. Battling all the big baddies and such. Instead they turn him into a Benny Hill sketch gone wrong. Cena the man must be hurting inside since reports says he longs for his old thuganomics character which is more in tune with the real Cena apparently.
  3. Cena's Jim Carrey impression - CRINGE!
  4. It was pathetic. He says he is strong and shows respect, but where was that respect last night? It's one thing to fight him fine, but to strip a man down and soak him in BBQ sauce, he's basically acting like our basic high school bully. Next thing you know Cena is gonna be giving Cole a swirly or some crap. What they really needed to do was book decent matches, at least the Main Event could have been a good one instead of Cena vs. Tensai for the 999th time. They could have had anybody fight Cena, but instead they put up a stupid comedy sketch and it backfired.
  5. Cena is totally not being a STAR and showing tolerance and respect!!!
  6. Apparently Sales for JR's BBQ sauce have increased by 9001% because of the main event
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  7. IT'S OVER 9000!!!!
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  8. I honestly hope whoever wrote last night's Raw dies in a grease fire.
  9. The main event was cringeworthy. A comedy match with an announcer, which was preceded by a random match we've seen more than once with Super Cena standing tall. Damn it. :annoyed:
  10. I'd like this post, but then I saw what you wrote in green.

    So I nod to you sir. :nod:
  11. I changed it. Any better?
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  13. WWE really needs to let Cena have decent back and forth matches. He's a great wrestler but seems fucking terrible because WWE always wants it to be jokes, Squashing somebody or being squashed then coming back Super-Man style!
  14. Tbh I enjoyed Cena during his feuds with Rock and Lesnar. Thoroughly enjoyed him. Now he's back to his "funny" jokes and pathetic mannerisms to please the kids :emoji_slight_frown:.
  15. That is because Cena is the Superman of the WWE. Superman is not interesting when he is feuding with a random bankrobber. He needs a Lex Luthor or a Brainiac to be a interesting hero. Villains who are on his level and if not exactly on his level have some other factor that makes them able to beat him (Lex Luthors intellect in the Superman case).

    Just like the Batman has the Joker making him question and come to grips with his own sanity. Cena needs foils that are on his level to make him interesting.
  16. To be honest it's not even the heel that made Cena's recent feuds great, Cena cracked no jokes. He was serious. He's an awesome mic worker when he's serious. I actually think he got the better of The Rock in their promo exchanges, and that's saying something.

    Just recently, I'd rather listen to The Great Khali monologue about his life in India than listen to Cena.
  17. I think I need some psychological help :upset: I actually like the thought of a face cena title reign
  18. I'm not actually a hater on a Cena title reign. If he was up against a threatening youth heel like Barrett, Dolph, Rhodes or Miz for example then sure, as long as eventually he makes them look good. No one gets a better rub than a feud with Cena.
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