So MITB is confirmed to be on this year.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 3, 2012.

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  1. We saw it during the ER PPV, that MITB tickets were on sale. I personally wanted them to merge it with Summerslam and have SS be known for the MITB match, like Survivor Series and Royal Rumble are known for their matches.

    But since #wwelogic comes into play, what can we expect? MITB is going to be better than Summerslam again I feel. I'm predicting Ziggler or Miz to win the RAW MITB and Rhodes or Barrett to win the SD one, though it'll be interesting since the supershow concept is into play...

    If they made both briefcase holders eligible to cash in on any brand champion, that'd be better. You could have a cash in after a cash in, that'd be... well... :russo:.
  2. One Briefcase..... Ziggs or Barrett. Nothing tops using the briefcase as a weapon during 'rub' matches. Pwns
  3. I think one MITB match is enough. One per brand is too much, and now that the brand division is pretty much non existent, it would be the right time to make the change.
  4. Good point, I wonder if they will just have one briefcase. Barrett for me is the right choice.
  5. I agree two MiTB matches is retarded, especially at this point with the brand split slowly dissolving. Ziggler is the clear cut choice.
  6. Agreed about only having on MITB match. I always thought they should have done this anyhow, even when there actually was a brand extension. It makes the winner stand out more.

    Whoever wins, please don't try and attack the world champion after he has had a match or whatever. It makes sense, but I'm tired of seeing it happen that way. I would like to see someone actually legitimately challenge for the world title again (like RVD in 2006.)
  7. Cutting it down too one briefcase for both shows would be best if you ask me. Makes it worth so much more.
  8. One MITB is better than having two separate one's for each brand. I think Ziggler, Cody Rhodes or Barrett is the best preferred contenders to win.
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  9. Actually lets not slide it past them to give to Bryan. It could be a waste, but it wouldn't be a first.
  10. Miz more or less done that. I know Orton was "injured" but it's probably the cleanest MITB cash in for years.

    I want them to do something really creative with it.
  11. Del Rio and Bryan didn't, though, and I was mainly thinking of them since they were the most recent.

    To my knowledge, no one has ever cashed in and lost (Mr. Kennedy doesn't count obviously.) That's about the only thing they could do at this point that would be entirely different. They could have someone win it and then lay down a challenge to an actual match that is built up to a PPV, and have them come really, really close to winning but ultimately doesn't. This could still help put them over huge as a potential main eventer (and this would only really work with a babyface, since it's sort of a babyface role.)
  12. I'd have a really over face win it, like Sheamus after losing his title. Cash it in fairly, get screwed by Barrett and lose. That way, someone finally loses with the briefcase.
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