So, Mitt Romney.

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  1. Just seen the hilarious video where he insulted 47% of America. Lol'd so hard.

    This man will be happy :obama:

    Hilarious parody

  2. Send me the video. :lol1:
  3. [yt][/yt]
  4. I had literally just read this on the front page of the USA Today. Hilarious stuff

    apparently I'm dependent on the government and believe I am a victim
  5. He has fucked his own campaign up lmao. Obama's campaign is now built around Romney fucking up :lol1:

    It just shows democrats reacting to his speech.
  6. Haha, that's quality.
  7. One thing he assured is anyone who likes Obama will 100% be getting off their ass on voting day to put in an extra +1 just to keep Romney out of office now. And considering Obama so heavily targets my demographic and knowing how lazy we can be at times, that could be a massive blow to whatever slim chance Romney had to begin with.

    It's crazy how ill-advised those words were. Go after Obama, his policies, the Dems, whatever.. but to attack upwards of half the people who will be voting in the election? Good God Mitt, do you have a brain in your head?


    If you're brown, you're going down.

  9. Turd Sandwich has always and will always be the superior option

    Obama = turd sandwich
    GOP Party as a whole = giant douche(s)
  10. Better is the key word. Better than a giant douche.
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