So much talk about Punk & Bryan...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. Being the best in-ring workers in WWE, but what about Cesaro? Is he a candidate for the best wrestler on the planet? I know Bryan is known for it, and to be honest he probably is the best, but Cesaro has to be in that list? The list that includes Aries, Bryan, Styles, etc., where does Cesaro rank in your opinion?

    The guy is a fucking tank.

  2. I always loved Cesaro. I hope they plan on using him more/better in 2014.
  3. Cesaro is second best in the company, arguably better than Bryan. He is miles ahead of Punk right now considering how injured Punk is.
    The current top three is
    right now
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  4. he's better than DB and a helluvaaaaaa lot better than Punk.

    BITW is between he and Roode IMO. different styles obviously
  5. Cesaro is possibly the strongest man on the roster. He has incredible ability. The thing is, he hasn't many had opponents that he could prove himself to. The one exception is the match he had against John Cena on Smackdown (handicap match actually). He kept throwing everything he could, and it actually looked like he would get the win. I say, give Cesaro better opponents and higher card matches, split the Real Americans, and then he will be in the match rank of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.
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  6. Cesaro, as of active roster I would put above Punk for sure... I would like to see him face DBry cause I still view him as the best in ring skills wrestler they have. Rey is also very good though since he has aged, not as good as her use to be. Brock is a helluva wrestler though. But yeah, Cesaro is at number 2 for me.
  7. He's very good but not elite, his selling isn't great and he's in matches which are too short to show anything on a psychological bar a few NXT matches and even then the only time he showed some psychology was against Regal with the regret in putting him down with the neutraliser. He needs longer matches to be fairly judged on this level.
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  8. Cesaro is my favorite currently because he does things in the ring that we usually don't see. With Cesaro it's like I'm seeing a new match every time and I know not to expect the same thing. Hell, he had a match with Khali and made it entertaining, not many people can say that,
  9. I'd also agree that Cesaro is a better in ring worker than Punk/Bryan. But what makes them more entertaining is the fact they have a natural charisma, if Cesaro was given more mic time, I'd like to think he'd be the best in the company.
  10. 1. Bryan
    2. Cesaro

    I'd keep going but you just asked where I rank Cesaro. He's at 2
  11. I always see credit given to Cesaro when it comes to in ring. He is definitely a blast to watch, even watched a couple of his Ring of Honor matches a couple of weeks ago. I think he's one of the top guys, way better than Punk. Especially current Punk, Cesaro goes out and busts his ass without complaining. He has my respect for that. I wish he would get another midcard title push, he made the US championship actually look like something during his reign. He didn't have the best feuds, but he carried the strap everywhere and made sure everyone knew he was the champ.

    As for ranking, I'm going to put him after Bryan, so he is a number 2 for me.
  12. I think he's a great ring worker, I miss his US title reign. The Real Americans are a great team and all, but sometimes I wish they split up so I could see more Cesaro singles matches.
  13. I would like for him to break up with Swagger. Even though I like the Real Americans, Cesaro is a great wrestler and should be in more singles competition.
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  14. You guys are nuts. I Need a Real Americans title reign before they split up.
  15. Sometime soon have Cesaro break up with Swagger, feud with him, then push him quite hard and we'll see how good Cesaro really is. I'd say he's easily in the Top 5 at the very least, because I haven't seen too much of him in a match that's not squash or pointless shit that I want to fast forward. That said, his Cesaro Swing... brilliant.

    1) Bryan
    2) Styles
    3) Cesaro
    4) Aries
    5) Cena (he shines and shows how much he really can do with a match with someone like Punk)
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