So next up for Bryan is...

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  1. PWInsider and well, RAW.

    FML. Though it'll be incredibly funny.
  2. And who's going to be the host of these "Anger Management" classes exactly.
  3. :sheen:


    One of those has to work. Isn't that his new TV show?
  4. Loving the fail.

    Also, yeah it is.
  5. It is, his new TV is pretty sweet, but with WWE & Sheen not agreeing a deal for Summerslam what makes us think they can agree a deal for next weeks Raw?
  6. Always burying brothers :sad:


    It's Charlie, let him loose on the divas and bang ( literally) you have him on a 5 year deal working house shows and all.
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  7. In all seriousness it wouldn't surprise me. :dawg:
  8. Hopefully will be as funny as the goat face segment
  9. And you try to tell me he was being a serious character!
  10. I'm sure it'll be funny. :dawg:
  11. Ehh......this again...can't wait to see the day AJ gets fired, "YES YES YES" is going to come back.
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