So no return...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. If he doesn't come back next week when RAW is from Texas (which is where Taker lives iirc) then he's not going to be at Mania.

    I could see him returning after Punk gets beat by Cena.
  2. I f he is not returning then Cena/punk will end in a tie, a double count out or something to set up for a Triple threat at WM.
  3. Please don't return. I think the hints for a triple-threat have already been dropped to be honest. It would be silly to ditch the triple threat and sacrifice two weeks of build just for a Taker return. Plus, what material do Rock & Cena have left?
  4. Like Punk/Rock had any material left. The last two promos building up to EC were awful.

    Rock shouldn't have even wreslted at EC, it was one match too many in such a short time. Felt like another guy to me.
  5. DAMN :mad2:
    We are in a difficult situation here, I don't want to see the twice in a lifetime sh*t all over again, but in the same time I just can't help but wanting to see Undertaker in the ring again. :upset:
  6. Urm Rock is the top face and Punk is the top heel, there is endless material you noob. Are you insinuating that any feuds longer than 2 months are now impossible in WWE? Vince Russo, IS THIS YOU?

    Rock was great at EC, you're one of the only people complaining (typical).
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  7. Rock/Punk feud was nowhere to be compared with Rock/Cena, it was a billion times better imo.
  8. The hints are of CM Punk vs The Rock and John Cena, so I don't think we're getting The Undertaker this year.
  9. Oh, I'M SORRY, sorry for having an opinion!

    Grow up you jock.
  10. lmfao :lol1:
  11. And I'm not the only person who has that opinion.
  12. I'm alright with it. I think Taker will decide this week. If he doesn't show, I'm spared of Rock/Cena II, if he shows up I can watch Taker/Punk, which I'm interested in.
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