So now that Raw has past...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solid Snake, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. Any final thoughts on who is going to win the rumble?
    Have you changed your mind from a few weeks ago?
  2. Obviously Ron Simmons is going to win
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  3. Punk or Batista
  4. :youdontsay:
  5. The way it is set up... I am guessing Punk is not going to win it.
    They set him up to have a legitimate reason to fail. That is when he has the higher chance of losing.
    Punk will never go under someone without an excuse. Think about it.
  6. I could easily picture Punk talking WWE into letting him become the 3rd guy to win the RR from the #1 spot, it goes along perfectly with his BITW schtick.
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  7. Yeah my thoughts have changed a little..

    33.3 % Punk
    33.3 % Batista
    33.3 % Roman Reigns
    ,1% Damien Sandow

    Oh geez I hope not, but you're right it goes along perfectly with being the best in the world.
  8. I was thinking the same thing, would fit the gimmick.

    Still think Batista will win, though. Hope not, but...
  9. I would cream so hard if Reigns wins it.
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  10. Oh damn if Reigns won that'd be bomb as hell.
  11. Reigns does seem like the freshest, most interesting possibility.
  12. People are sleeping on Reigns..
    Idk for some reason I think he's got just as good a shot as CM Punk or Batista, even without promos and segments purely dedicated to him.
  13. I still think Reigns has a greater shot at winning than Punk
  14. Hope you are right. He does seem to be the 3rd guy that makes sense.. outside of Punk, Batista, Reigns.. I mean.. Sheamus, Jericho might return, I haven't really read into it. Would love for Y2J to win, but that seems even more farfetched than a second Sheamus win, which isn't happening. I don't think DB is in the match based on his promo on Raw.

    I'm sticking with Punk. I seriously doubt WWE wants Batista to become a 2 time RR winner, especially after his mild return. I laughed hard when near the end of his return segment it popped up: Now trending on twitter: Randy orton. how do you get outshined by Randy Orton ffs?
  15. I've been hearing RVD get mentioned as a possible comeback. I think he would be a better RR winner over Sheamus but that's just imo.
    Personally though I'd like to see Captain Charisma get back in it for the surprise win.
  16. Seriously if Reigns wins I will love everything.
  17. Hell, DZ is more likely to get a surprise return win over those two. Hulk Hogan as well. Goldberg. The Rock. Ultimate Warrior. Chris Benoit.
  18. I hope DZ comes back for it. I know RVD has been wanting to come back after that short hiatus since late December, early January. I haven't read too much about Christian.. But it does seem like both Sheamus & RVD will be in this RR.
  19. They've announced 20 of the 30 competitors, so yea, Sheamus/RVD make sense. I think DZ should be healthy enough to appear. Still 7 spots. Hoping for Y2J. Probably a couple of old timers, but then you have acts like Ryder or Santino who could appear as well. They could maybe do something with the Bad News Barrett gimmick if he were in the match.
  20. I hope DZ is cleared. I miss him. Dude needs a solid run... Dammit!
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