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  1. HHH will point out the quick count, throw out the match result, give Orton the belt back and book them for the next PPV, right?

    That ME just felt weird, off. Everything did, strange PPV from what I saw and then went back to watch later.

    also hijacking my own thread wtf @ Ambrose going over clean. nonsense ass booking
  2. Yes, I feel he will be stripped. Too easy and weak of a win imo.
  3. Yeah, a pretty weird ass PPV. Ryback/Punk feud? Oh this should be money.
  4. I like Ryback so win. win. for me. :happy: :pity:

  5. The big guy vs. the little bitch :obama:

    Anyway, yeah. That ending was really lackluster and just lame. Brit said it best, too easy and weak of a win and it just didn't feel like a big win. Will be interesting to see what this leads to.
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  7. Also, I don't see how you still get all surprised with how Ziggler gets booked. Lol. It's nothing new. He's a glorified (and I use the term loosely) jobber at best. I wouldn't be surprised if he jobbed to Santino tomorrow night for the fuck of it.
  8. His only problem, and I do mean ONLY, is that he rushes through matches and doesn't let them come to him. He is like Morrison v2.0 and needs to slow it down. It don't help that he said the wrong thing in an interview either. Its such bs how they do that to guys. At this point, I think his career is on hold.
  9. Lmfao....what....the....fuck.....
  10. With the quick count I assume that HHH will strip Daniel Bryan of the title and have the rematch at Battleground. After how they've built up this feud and Orton being the face of the WWE, it would be strange if it just came to a screeching halt after DB's victory at NoC.
  11. :finger:
  12. Life is hard when you're a Ziggler fan
  13. I'd have much rather had a "weird" PPV than a "pointless and fairly boring" PPV which was what it almost turned out to be. If I'm not mistaken, NONE of the current champs dropped their titles (other than Orton), so at least Bryan got to call himself champ at the end of the night.

    Most people were already calling Orton as the winner. I think it's pretty clear by now that WWE is very highly taking into consideration the internet buzz, and they've made it a point to trip people up.

    As for HHH stripping Bryan of the title... Perhaps. But I'm hoping for something a little more interesting than that happening.
  14. I don't understand the logic of the ref doing a quick count. It was definitely a weird way to book the ending of the match.
  15. >illogical finish
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  16. I thought it was weird that they made a point of the original ref coming back after he was knocked out of the ring and had to be replaced for a few minutes. Usually the new ref just handles things until the end right? So the original ref comes back and nails the quick count?
  17. Exactly. I believe that will be the reason why they take the belt away from Bryan. Not because the ref counted fast or whatever. HHH will claim that the referee that makes the count should have been the other one
  18. Ashley, he meant ashley.
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