So one day

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  1. Myself and Big Booty Boss were playing GTA V. These two faggots kept on killing us, and time is money, but our life spans were really short. So we said f it and went into my apartment. These faggots followed us and told us, "Yo, get out of your apartment pussy"

    I told him, "I bet you smell like vanilla ice cream, faggot!"
    He kept on sending these harsh texts and I was like, "Ayo, Boss! We finna invite this nigga into our party. He ruthless!"

    Then we checked their game history and they played WWE games. lol, what faggots. I bet they spend all their time on a forum...

    So the guy joins and I was like, "where is your boyfriend, handsome!" to which he replied, "He'll be here!".
    The other guy pops into our party and out of nowhere a man pops out in our party...
    Myself and Fooq already had this in mind, so we started firing shots as soon as they popped in.

    Big Boss: I bet you watch wrestling faggots
    Factor: Yeah, what, do you still wear diapers?
    Big Boss: I bet you crossed the borders, legally.
    To which they replied, "What does our race have to do with anything to you white boys?

    They dropped the bomb shell and I started speaking in my MLK tone.

    White? Did you say... white? He's black! You think his ancestors went through slavery and shit to be called white? Goddammit! Fast forward, somehow we end up talking about Pokemon and tell them we're on this forum. So if you ever joined, what up!
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  2. Based on a true story.
  3. Wow.
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  4. Riveting. Such a best seller. Take me here and now.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I remember that game.
  7. This is actually true :obama: That was a while back, but we told them wrestling fans, just how much of a faggot they are.
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  8. Who said you were allowed to drop the N bomb, you Canadian Saltine.
  9. I don't consider nigga thr n bomb. N***er though.
  10. are we gonna fuck, or what.
  11. More hq than your other threads.:bodallas:
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  12. Got 'em.
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