So out of the lame contenders...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Who do you want to win the RAW MITB match?
  2. Vickie!
  3. Cena pretty much. We've seen Punk/Jericho, and I don't want to see Punk/Show or even Punk/Kane. Punk and Cena at least had great chemistry with each other last year and their feud ended before it should have.
  4. Mine would probably be Cena.
  5. Cena, with a failed cash in on D-Bry after Bryan kicks him in the bollox.
  6. I would mark.
  7. I aint bothered if I'm honest as they are going on so much bout the 100% cash in success rate this will be the year they have someone fail imo.
  8. Also, I don't think it's the Raw and Smackdown MITB matches. One is for the WWE Title and the other for the WHC, since you can't really separate who belongs to which brand anymore. This one is for the WWE Title.
  9. I actually see Cena either failing his cash in or getting the title taken from him right away since they are hyping him challenging for it at Survivor Series.
  10. Cena seems like a possible choice, it would be interesting to see him with the briefcase. Of course, when I say interesting, I mean not as boring as things normally are with Cena, just a little bit less. Money in the Bank with four guys seems weird though.
  11. Cena vs Bryan? :fap:
  12. A Cena vs Bryan match where Cena has the briefcase and Bryan holds the title seems weird, but I'd like it.
  13. Gotta' be Cena for me.
  14. one thing i do know is a 4 man mitb match with show and kane is going to be slow as shit... hope jericho is up to date on his cardio because he is going to have to work his ass off to get this one over
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