So, presuming Johnny wins...

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  1. And becomes the GM of both SmackDown and RAW, do you think it will result in a major story-line for the summer? In recent years the summer has been used for the big hitter story-lines, Nexus, Summer of Punk etc. Now if Johnny wins, they have a major major heel on both shows in full power. I don't think he'll be permanent, but he's still doing that texting thing so I'm guessing it has something to do with that.
  2. If Johhny win I stop WATCHING WWE!
  3. Hopefully he stays in charge for a while, Raw especially would benefit from a permanent fixture rather than constantly changing who's in charge. It wouldn't surprise me if Vince was the one he was texting since he officially can't run Raw due to the directors standing against it. It makes sense for the Vince McMahon character to be controlling even when he isn't.
  4. I hope so. I want Vince to be involved with one more story-line putting Punk over as the anti-hero. only because Vince is the only guy who probably could propel someone that high.
  5. We know you'll still watch it and eventually love Johnny. :otunga:
  6. I NEVER LIKE JOHNNY! I can't wait for Teddy win and become a legend member! AND MOST INPORTLY SHUT U ALL UP!
  7. How can you bare Teddy? I'm sorry but he's easily the most annoying "member" of the WWE roster.
  8. REALLY??????

    Think ur the only Teddy Long fan on this entire forum playa lmao
  9. I knew you were a :themiz: mark.
  10. LOL I do like Miz to be honest and I gotta admit to the fact that REALLY? has become part of my everyday language at work and only me and two others actually get it LMAO!
  11. Lmao get them on this forum, we need more Miz marks.
  13. MIZ > PUNK PIPEBOMB :pity:
  14. That's a really wise prediction @[Wade Barrett] considering the fact that he is numerously referred to being VKM's ass kisser.
  15. Everyone has predicted Vince though, and since they love to swerve things it probably won't be him :emoji_slight_frown:.
  16. God I want her to return to television badly, she could have been perfect for the Jericho angle.
  17. Her or Shane! I know it wont be Shane but would love it to be!
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