So, Primo & Epico.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. This new apparent "work", what will it result in? Is it their attempt at revamping the tag-team division?
  2. I watched Nexus, CM Punk and Awesome Truth get upset and voice their frustrations B4. If they can manage 2 do this on live television then maybe ppl will listen to them?
  3. That was all kayfabe (scripted), well, apart from Punk's, his was a worked shoot which turned him into a star. Apparently this is a work too (told to do it). I doubt they would have done it if not told to, since it's something that can get them fired or severely punished.
  4. Yes it was most likely a work considering that both Epico and Rosa tweeted at about the same time about the same thing. And I hope it is a attempt to revamp the tag team division. Tag team wrestling is some of the most interesting/entertaining wrestling on tv when done right.
  5. Completely agreed. It helps make individual stars too (E & C for example).

    The dark match at WM was one of the best matches, The Uso's were fantastic.
  6. And not to forget guys like Matt & Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray and JBL had their start in tag teaming.
  7. It'll lead to a storyline where each week during one of these random irrelevant Raw matches (such as R-Truth vs Jack Swagger) the tag champs will attack them both and cut a promo on how ridiculous it is that crap like this is on TV while the tag champs aren't. Would be pretty awesome.
  8. I agree with all of the above I hope and pray that it leads to a revamp of the tag division as many of the regulars will know I despise the state of the current tag division and long for the glory days when a tag championship match could mean almost as much as a ME due to the feuds and storylines they used to build.
  9. Not sure if Primo & Epico are the guys to work this story-line, if you're going to rant at WWE and lack of opportunities you'll need decent mic skills. They're great champions, and a good tag-team, they'd be perfect in a tag-team division which isn't fucked up, but I'd prefer to see a badass pairing of heel Riley & Alberto Del Rio or something to demand the change.
  10. Kofi and Evan got buried because they won the tag belts. Dolph's been teaming with Swagger, and it just feels like a waste of his time. They have to combat the way the fans view the tag division before they attempt to rebuild it, so what do you think would work?

    (Just saw on PW Torch, Alex Riley, counting NXT and Superstars, has the worst win/loss record of any superstar, even worse than Miz. Typical #wwelogic. Thinking heel ADR is a main-eventer isn't much better, but lord knows an awesome pairing like that isn't happening.)
  11. A team who could do it and are already doing it on NXT are Hawkins and Reks. Both guys are good if not very good in the ring and both guys are really good on the mic despite what people think of Reks mic skills. Plus the team has credibility since Hawkins already is a one time tag champ.

    They just need a shot up onto one of the main shows. Maybe interrupting a match and then calling out Primo and Epico and challenging them for the titles. Saying things like Vince won't have them on TV cause they are boring to look at. And then saying they'll show how real tag team champs are suppose to be.

    Just food for thought.
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  12. Definitely. They're probably the best tag-team in WWE at the moment, they could pull off the attitude and look too. Great idea. Liked.
  13. Stopspot for WWE creative 2012 :otunga:
  14. You're not allowed common sense in creative. #Unlucky
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