So pumped for Punk/Taker

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. How do you think they'll build this? I was sceptical at first because I really did not want #TwiceInALifetime but since that has turned out wonderful so far, I'm so on board with this. The face-off at the end was awesome, and Punk's character is just perfect for this feud. In my opinion he's the greatest heel in wrestling at the moment and Taker is probably the biggest face, and you haven the longest reign in the last 25 years vs the longest streak at Wrestlemania -- perfect.

    So yeah, how do you think they'll build this masterpiece?
  2. I am sceptical, because of Taker's bad physical condition. If he is going to show up in the same condition as he did in the house show, well, this is going to be a very bad match...

  3. This is my most anticipated match of the night for sure. Especially since I think it's probable that Punk ends the streak.

    Taker's whole 20-0 thing makes me think he could be losing this year. If so, they should make this the last match of the night, which I can't see happening with Rock/Cena being on the card.

    The build will likely consist of them reminding us over and over of all of Undertaker's past opponents and driving the point home how prestigious and honorable the Wrestlemania streak is. Punk should remain on a huge roll in the weeks remaining to the match. I also want Taker to play some kind games with Punk, like sending a coffin out there with Punk laying inside of it, like with Diesel (1996) and Orton and Bob Orton (2005.)
  4. Well, I could see Punk being booked strong, some great promo battles and mind games. This makes perfect sense storyline-wise.
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