So Reby Sky wants da wood

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Jul 25, 2015.

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  1. Haven't responded yet, playing it hard to get. Feel bad hardy is gonna lose his chick to another dude again

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  2. Whacha gonna do when Danny steals your girl, brother?!
  3. These are some high quality threads you've been making lately Danielson, really proud of it.
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  4. I wouldn't want any woman that Matt Hardy has already dipped his wick into.
  5. I'm not picky
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  6. She succeeds in what I have failed in. Good game. Good... Game.
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  7. Lockard one of those neckbeards that loses interest in his weekly dream girl when he finds out they aren't virgins
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  8. Sounds like you're describing your own experiences and thought processes to me. :pity2:

    I am a proud neckbeard though, I've give you that. :ko:
  9. nah I just know the type. I've had friends stop taking to chicks because they found out about someone she had fucked before they even met lol.

    I can see where they are coming from but still. nobody likes to think about how much dick their girl ran through before she got to you
  10. I never think about it.
  11. It motivates me more.
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  12. Does anybody really care about Reby Sky besides Matt Hardy?
  13. Practice makes perfect. @Senhor Perfect
  14. Not sure if srs but if a girl ever wants ur nuts I'll be interested because the chances are sliiiiim

  15. Ouch, that one hurt. Guess you would have to be interested in my sexual life considering yours is non-existent.
  16. Don't talk about your mother like that.
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  17. Damn now I got da Bella twins fav and ReTweetin my shit. Options my dudes

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  18. Danny, you sly devil
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