So, Ric Flair

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  1. How do you want him to be used exactly? Since he'll probably make a few more appearances in the following months, how do you want to see him on the shows? Would you like him as a GM, showing up every week, or maybe only appearing occasionally, in one segment or another just because, or possibly you'd want him involved in a feud, physical altercations, or even wrestling? Discuss.
  2. Send him home and lock him in there, also keep him away from anyone with a marriage licence. Just retire Ric I love you so don't die on my screen.
  3. This.
  4. :woo1::woo1::woo1::woo1::woo1::woo1::woo1::woo1:
  5. Some sort of protege angle would be nice. Don't know who it could be with, though. Anything would be preferable to him wrestling himself into a fatal heart attack, which I've sadly predicted for years. At least if it happens, I can brag about being right. Oh well.
  6. GM with no wrestling.
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    Who though? I would have said Ziggler but he's better off on his own now, plus he has AJ. I know I'll be hated for this but Miz would have been great...... Wait Alex Riley.
  8. Ambrose vs Ric would be gold.
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    I'd rather see Ric live.
  10. Not that he needs it, but I think Flair backing Ohno could lead to some legendary promos
  11. Never cared for Riley but it could work, I guess. I don't remember how charismatic he is on the mic, though. If he wasn't in a tag team at the moment, I might say Cody Rhodes, which would be fitting since he is the son of Dusty Rhodes and Dusty and Flair have history with each other (then again, for that reason it would probably be bad, might as well just bring Dusty Rhodes back in the same role.)
  12. I don't want him used on TV anymore, he was a waste of time during the Slammy's IMO. I would have him train the younger guys & that's about it, no more wrestling for Flair, it's way past his time.
  13. what he said...
  14. I want him to be GM TBH.
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