So Ricardo...

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  1. So ADR and Ricardo has split and Ricky is seemingly written off TV with a injury. What do you see them doing with Ricardo now?

    Are they perhaps phasing him off TV to let him drop some weight and getting into shape for a run under a mask (He worked the independents as Chimera before going to the WWE). Or do you see them putting him as the manager of another wrestler?

    What do you think will happen with Ricardo now? And what would you do with him?
  2. Wait, I thought he was El Locale? O_o
  3. Wonder if he was using those fat burners to get in shape for a run as a wrestler?
    Ricardo as a wrestler = :dawg:. Ricardo losing weight = :downer:
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  4. Fat Ricardo > any Ricardo
  5. Maybe cost Del Rio the championship at Summerslam. Beyond that, no idea.
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  6. Ricardo probably screws Del Rio at SS and becomes an active wrestler.
  7. No offense but you usually have better titles. Next time do "where the hood, where the hood, where the hood at?"
    Just a suggestion.

    I hope ricardo comes back to cheat ADR out of the contract, give him his own music, and after that (no offense marks) he is done for a while. Send him to nxt to job there.
  8. Ricardo ain't that bad of a wrestler tbh. His performances as El Local on NXT certainly impressed me. And he's performed in companies such as Chikara which is pretty cool. Once Del Rio drops the belt I guess they can get involved in a program.
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  9. I really don't know. He may interfere in ADR's match, become a wrestler, not sure.
  10. I honestly have no idea. I'm just afraid that after he splits with ADR he'll job for several months before being released .
  11. I have a bad feeling this is going to be a swerve and Ricardo will help ADR retain the title, saying that he "took the fall to help his best friend" and it was all planned.
  12. RR needs to still be associate with ADR. Have him come crawling back to ADR like an abused gf. Then have ADR continue to assault, verbally abuse, blame RR for all of his problems.

    The continued bullying both gets ADR heat and RR more over
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  13. Ricardo probably won't be back. I can see it happening
  14. Didn't Ricardo have a 30 day suspension recently? It could just be the WWE's way of getting rid of him permanently or giving them a reason to re-vamp his current gimmick and role in the company.
  15. Those 30 days have already passed.
  16. An appereance as an unexpected wrestler who comes up to the main roster and after del Rio loses his rematch will feud with him?
  17. Screw the rationale ....i like your idea of ADR simply kicking his a**
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