So since when is the WHC not the SD champion?

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  1. Because DZ is a SD no show back to back weeks. I've never given enough of a shit to pay attention, but doesn't the WHC generally appear on SD, and maybe even *gasp* have the show built around them? That's what I always thought anyway.
  2. Well I went to, and I see the reason why Alberto continued to show up on Smackdown, because he is a Smackdown superstar. Smackdown no longer has the WHC belt, since Dolph Ziggler is a Raw superstar, and took the title with him to Raw. Even though the brand split doesn't exist anymore, that's the only thing I can really think of.
  3. He wasn't on SD but I saw him the same day as the tapings, at a house show in Nottingham, so whilst it's a loss for SD. He was a boss for me xD
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  4. Yeah, but apparently he's been working RAW live events cause Punk is gone.
  5. At the moment it's probably because the taping schedule's so tight over there... wait, no, Fandongo was on both shows. Never mind. There goes your one logical explanation, *tips cap and leaves*
  6. I love how WWE dictates their tv programming based on who is working what house show circuit. Fucking imbeciles.
  7. Just another reason why this brand-split is dead, and needs to end. The product could be great if it had two 2 hour shows a week with one solid roster.
  8. I wish they would just stick to the brand split. The 'Raw Supershow" shit has come and gone--- no reason we can't have two separate shows again. SD was at least a helluva lot more watchable when things were that way as opposed to now.
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  9. The brand split is a good idea, but the booking isn't good enough. It makes the roster look like shit. I don't know why they haven't experimented on SmackDown and haven't completely rebranded it. SmackDown will always be the most watched show on its network by a mile, so viewership decline isn't something they need to worry about. The current NXT should be SmackDown, and SmackDown should be independent from RAW.
  10. I don't see how a brand split makes the roster look shitty. They have enough guys to easily have two shows. The only reason they don't IMO is because it creates more work for their terrible creative team whereas now they don't have ANY real feuds that are being grown or developed on SD, it is basically just Superstars at this point.
  11. So Smackdown doesn't have any title, I don't see why they keep SD! since all the RAW superstar can go on SD! and SD! to RAW, there is no need for a different brand
  12. Who was on SmackDown this week who currently looks good?

    Shield - Predominantly a RAW stable, although they're at both shows.

    Ziggler, ADR, Henry, I suppose, but without Henry in the title frame you have to have him feud with Sheamus, Orton, or Big Show. WWE's roster is fine, and can be spread over both shows, but with the way SD is booked it will always make everything look shit. Also, having spoilers everywhere ruins it as well. At this point I have lost hope, and just want the brand split over.
  13. You need to have a draft to re-establish the brand split. Obviously no "SD Superstars' looked good on SD this week--- nobody even knows what a Raw/SD superstar is at this point.

    You build the brand around Ziggler, ADR, Big Show (good monster heel to have around even if the IWC hates him), Swagger ect and put the midcarders who are badass wrestlers on that brand. Cesaro, Kofi, Barrett, Fandango, Orton, ect

    Then you still have a TON of talent running around on Raw from Cena/Ryback/Shield to Henry to Punk & even the part timers when they show up. Rosters too thin? OK, time to call up Bray Wyatt/Ohno/ect from NXT to SD and send the more over guys to Raw.

    SD should be its own brand with its own champions used to get guys over and prepare them for the big stage of Raw. You use a handful of guys who are already big time to interact with the younger ones who you want to get over.
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  14. "You build the brand around Ziggler, ADR, Big Show (good monster heel to have around even if the IWC hates him), Swagger ect and put the midcarders who are badass wrestlers on that brand. Cesaro, Kofi, Barrett, Fandango, Orton, ect "
    This sounds horrible.
  15. Glad you think so xoxoxo
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  16. Brands are supposed not to exist but yeah, it's supposed too that the WHC should appear in SD, he's a champion yeah but can compete in both programs, Raw and SD
  17. Thought you were a big fan of the brand split? (Were, anyway)

    Koskey's still head writer like he was when SD was really good in 2011, but there's obvious Vince oversight at play here.
    Koskey's booking drew, Vince's isn't, so the answer here seems simple... but then again you can't bring the brand split back until Rollins turns face.

    As you said you can either have a brand split on and off TV or one big roster on and off TV. You can't have it both ways.
  18. I WAS a big fan of it, and think it's a fantastic opportunity to rebrand a show desperately needing it, but it won't happen. With the current product, I would much rather just one show.
  19. Just an observation, but this is such a common theme I've noticed when discussing anything pertaining from WWE.

    You'll get two people discussing something and somewhat disagreeing... but in reality they agree, the difference is one is talking about an idealistic situation and the other is talking about a realistic situation pertaining to how WWE would actually go about doing it.

    Basically we can all agree on two things: 1.) A properly done brand split with two uniquely entertaining rosters/shows is the way to go but 2.) WWE can't accomplish that as they stand in 2013, or are unwilling to put that much effort into things.

    Am I reading this properly?
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  20. Pretty much. Hard to spot context sometimes on forums.
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