So, Tensai.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. He fucked up Kidds "push"?
  2. By fucking up his own. How ironic :gusta:
  3. Aye, either that or the bipolar nature of the WWE's trained chimps.
  4. I think so, because WWE are too retarded to either make him feud with someone else, or punish Tensai after the feud, once again Tyson Kidd just unlucky.
  5. I swear the WWE creative team is that one dude with Michael in his name(I think) and the rest are his chimps.
  6. hopefully they find another way to push him
  7. CALLED IT. #wwelogic. Seriously just garbage to have happen, but who didn't see it coming?
  8. Nothing like crappy heat on the guy just because of a random comment costing not only his push but Kidd's as well. Ah... politically correct world. It's entertainment, you don't have to punish people for what they do in character.
  9. Who this Tensai you speak off? I have heard of Albert but not this Tensai guy?
  10. You clever devil.
  11. WTF?
  12. How you disregarded the Tensai gimmick for his previous one of Albert but compared them as though they were separate people.
  13. Tensai is Albert!
  14. Really? Are you shitting me here?
  15. so why did u call me the devil WTF?
  16. I didn't call you the devil, it's just a saying.
  18. On topic shame as Kidd get talent and aint sure why WWE brought Tensai (Albert) back as plenty of ppl to do his job in the mid card!
  19. You clever devil
  20. True, but since they've built him somewhat I wish they'd at least finish this feud until they put Tensai in the dog house or whatever.
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