So that ending...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. Was anyone disappointed with the ending last night? I've seen people debate it, but I thought it was fantastic personally. They made a star in Ryback, they pulled off something no one in the IWC called, Punk still retains, and it makes you actually want to watch RAW. First time a PPV has done that for a while.
  2. Corrected spelling error in the title for you.
  3. It was fucking fantastic. I just watched in about 30 minutes ago on TV and I marked out over the ref as soon as I saw him, I knew that was coming when I saw an amateur 'ref' in the ME - incoming screwjob detected.

    It was incredible though, I also loved going on top of the cell, iirc that's the first time someone has been on top of the larger cell.
  4. Wasn't keen on going to the top of the cell, it felt like an end to a Raw before HIAC not the blow off to the match. The match was hideous in it's quality and the finish was poor, shocking yes but so would have been Undertaker coming out in a ballerina costume and teabagging Punk. It doesn't make it good.
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  5. Shocked yes..

    Was a little disappointed in the beginning but when I woke up this morning I was happy about it.
    Weird scenario, though.. Really wondering how it will come out on RAW.
  6. im not sure what to make of it really id of liked the match to have been longer
  7. yh one of the best ppvs in a long time

    Can't wait for raw for the backlash
  8. Please keep posting. I mean please, that avi....damn.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. In all honesty that would possibly be the best ending in the history of WWE.
  11. It was a good ending. Punk retained, Ryback lost the streak, but it being a screwjob and a quick roll up (and a quick count as well, I think) protects Ryback. That was a better alternative than someone like Brock destroying Ryback and leaving him laying. At least this way, Ryback still has not been showcased in a way that displays any real moment of weakness.
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  12. Kevin is right I think it was the best way to end the match
  13. Agreed. Though if Lesnar interfered and laid out Ryback setting up a feud there (and dispelling the HHH vs Brock rematch) then I would probably mark hard.
  14. I would like to see Ryback Vs Lesnar in the future but I dont think Ryback is ready yet.
  15. Ryback/Brock would be perfect for Wrestlemania.
  16. Ryback vs Lesnar? No thanks.
  17. Why? Granted, I definitely don't think they're going in that direction, but it would be a good little power match. And since some people are soooooo convinced that Ryback is better in the ring than Goldberg (and Goldberg-Brock at WM20 was only 'bad' because they stalled and were feeling unmotivated because of the crowd to have a good match), then I think it could wind up being a pretty good match.

    Though I'd rather see Taker/Brock personally.
  18. Ryback/Lesnar would be an awful match lmao

    shame on anyone who wants to see that.
  19. Yeah, it protected Ryback, Punk kept the title and it was unpredictable, pretty good.
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