So that face-off.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. Did anyone else enjoy it as much as me? That was awesome, I can not wait for this feud to pick up.

    The crowd didn't deserve this segment, they were quiet until Rock showed up, when I thought Punk's promo was fantastic to be honest.
  2. :fap:'d through all of it.
  3. Really enjoyed it. Punk touched on a lot of relevant subjects in his solo promo and held a high quality. It slowed down a bit in the middle but that was mainly due to him rambling on about one single subject but it then picked up again. The quality throughout it was very good though. Then the Rock came in and raised the bar even more. Now I just need to convince Punk to go by the "straight edge scrotum" user title.
  4. Both guys were awesome. Punks solo promo was incredible, but he took a back seat to the Rock afterward. Did he just want Rocky to have his fair share, or is he a bit intimidated if the Great One? only time will tell.
  5. My favorite part was Punk's promo before the break, some awesome shooting. The face-off was good, Rock didn't bust out as many catchphrases as I expected, so that was a plus, expecting some even better face-offs from them on weeks to come.
  6. I loved it. Really made up for the rest of the mediocre show. Both guys were good and did what they do best.
  7. Still fapping! :fap:

    @Britanica do you still watch WWE? If not watch this promo.
  8. I do I just have to watch Raw on tuesdays so NO SPOILERS! :angry:
  9. :okay:
  10. I'll let you know what I think when I watch it though. :otunga:
  12. Fail
  13. What fail?
  14. The video is already removed.
  15. Dammit! :why: :upset:
  16. They seriously didn't deserve Punk's pipebomb. The crowd seriously fucking cheered when Punk was mocking how faces compliment the city they're performing in. It only proved his point even more, which I thought was fantastic.

    The Rock kinda subsided the topic about how IWC eats the WWE's shit, but he was awesome all the same. He had me laughing so much. Especially when he was giving Punk the picture about looking at himself in the mirror. "And no, don't look at your cookie puss" <-- dying for ages. :dawg:
  17. Without spoiling it for those that didn't get to watch it, I thought they both did a fantastic job and it built up the hype for the Royal Rumble. That's what I thought anyway.
  18. The crowd didn't want the pipebomb they wanted the rock. I don't blame them at all.
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