So the biker hanging with AJ

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  1. Judging by the fact that his vest has too much color I'd say he isn't an Aces and Eights member (Unless they have support clubs riding with the Aces). So is AJ saving the day once again by bringing in a rival "good" biker gang akin to the Sons of Anarchy or something? If so AJ will look like the silliest one percenter biker ever riding on his Japanese motorcycle.

    What do you think?
  2. I don't think TNA is clever enough to do that...I don't think there's any correlation between AJ on a Bike and A&8s
  3. I hate the thought of another stable war tbh, AJ rolling down on the bike before laying out the Aces top guy would be dope IMO. He needs to be Sting / Bad ass Taker hybrid thing IMO.
  4. He needs to invest in some real wheels though. An all black Japanese sports bike isn't that threatening in my opinion.
  5. [​IMG]

  6. This is the bike he is riding currently. If he played a biker with that bike he would be made a laughing stock since a key rule in biker gang culture (which he would have to take inspiration from I think) is that you must ride a chopper, preferably American made and even more preferably a Harley.
  7. It reminds me of the bat cycle from TDK
  8. If this isn't an An8 member talking with AJ, I don't know who is:

    Or maybe TNA is kayfabing us on purpose.:downer:
  9. He clearly looked like an A&8s guy for me.
  10. Too much color on the biker patch. Aces and Eights logo is black and white.
  11. What? That dude looks EXACTLY like Ken Anderson, exactly (minus the hat).
  12. If you look at the patch on the bikers vest (shown from mostly bad angles but you can get some looks at it) it shows that the patch (main logo) is quite colorful (I noticed at least three colors on it) Whilst the Aces and Eights patch is strict black and white. That would imply that whoever this biker is isn't affiliated with A&8's. I'll give you that he looks a fair bit like Anderson because that was what I thought at first as well until doing a double take on that particular point. I've seen Anderson's A&8's vest and it looks exactly like the others, so why would it be sporting more colors when he is in Georgia?
  13. I didn't look in details, so you might be right here. So yeah, TNA pulling the kayfab on us.
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