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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Ric Flare!, Apr 15, 2014.

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  1. We are getting some sort of investment perhaps given the 4 tournament matches we had on RAW this week, Sheamus, RVD, Barrett & Cesaro all in the semi finals of the 8 man tournament. Anyone else think that Cesaro with Heyman and the IC Title will work? They have to do better than Axel did with the belt and with Heyman. I don't see Big E retaining if Cesaro (the favorite to win imo) wins the tournament
  2. Here's whats gonna happen, Cesaro is going to win, then after X-rules, Ambrose is put into the picture so we can unify the US and IC titles, then Cesaro wins that match (or Ambrose wins and Cesaro is pushed for the WWEWHC). Its been about a year long now Ambrose has had the US title and its practically useless nowadays. Anyone agree to this?
  3. Putting the IC title on Cesaro would be the worst possible thing for him.

    "Cesaro can make belt credible again!" - No, it's a piece of shit that no one cares about, Cesaro is miles above it.
  4. bring back the euro belt lol
  5. Agree so highly with this, Cesaro becoming IC Champion will ruin his massive push he has earned and fought for
  6. Well, first the OP. The tournament does make the title look a bit better, and it's a fun thing to speculate with. I could see Cesaro winning the tournament and the belt, or perhaps Swagger screwing him thus BnB gets the shot or something like that. But it's not like giving him the IC will kill him. Granted, if happened to most of the guys who won it recently, but that doesn't mean it'll happen again. If they're set on making Cesaro a big star, they could book a good reign for him which would rule. But it's really up in the air atm how the IC title will end up.
  7. Torn on your post. One hand I want the IC Title to mean something again, on the otherhand, Cesaro vs Swagger would be a good feud with a potential great match
  8. Well, they could still do Swagger/Cesaro, just have Swagger get the heat on him in another situation (or have him try to interfere but fail), I don't know. If they want both they can do it.
  9. They must unify the IC title with the US title..
    Many of us have already forgot about the US title which is kinda natural giving that Ambrose hasn't defended it since...Forever.
  10. IC title used to be mean something, and they could make it mean something again, whats that quote its not the title that makes the man, its the man that makes the title? So get someone exciting, idk bring back Y2J(he's been bulking up) get some young guys from NXT and throw them into the mix, Big E is quite boring to watch imo, he just got stale very fast. Cesaro, Barret, Ambrose, Rollins are all guys who 'can' make it better, but hey Ambrose has the us title and that title is just sad now..
  11. I wouldn't have a problem with Ambrose as the Champion if he defended it more. I think he needs to step up his game a little. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are both very entertaining to watch. I've always thought of Ambrose a boring.
  12. Cesaro is above the IC Title? No, he's not. Unless Austin, Rocky, and HHH were all above the IC Title when they won it.

    Ambrose has made the US Championship meaningless? That's something booking has done.

    Unifying the IC and U.S. Titles is a bad idea unless you're bringing back the European Championship.

    The finals of the tournament should be Barrett and Cesaro (Cesaro's being pushed, so there's no reason for him not to go over RVD and Barrett going over Sheamus makes him look great, not to mention the fact that, in both cases, it's a guy who has never been a world champion going over a guy who has been a world champion.....you don't promote guys to the upper midcard/main event level much better than that). From there, I see either Barrett winning the tournament because Swagger costs Cesaro the victory or Cesaro wins the tournament. I then see the tourney winner going to defeat Big E at ER for the IC Title. This is a good thing, no matter who wins it, and it will be a boost to either man's career.

    If Barrett is the IC Champion, I see him being transitional until Cesaro disposes of the Swagger feud and then Cesaro will become IC Champion. If Cesaro goes on to win the title from Big E, his first defensive feud will be against Swagger. I see Cesaro being the IC Champion in the same career path that Austin, Rock, and HHH all had and I do see him bringing the title back to a higher level. I also wouldn't mind seeing him defend the IC Title at some point against Roman Reigns (cue all the Reigns marks screeching "HE'S ABOVE THE IC TITLE! HE FEUD WITH HHH AND WIN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP NOW!!!!!!!"), as a way to build Reigns' capacity to feud for a title and carry a major championship, so we don't get Jack Swagger's World Championship Reign 2.0.

    As for Big E post-IC-title, I would actually have him feud with Ambrose for the US Championship and all of these newly-appearing NXT guys and the guys who need some "beefing up" (not just Big E, Dallas, and Rose, but also guys like Rollins, Ryder, any of the guys from 3MB (bur only if they're going to break up 3MB), Brodus Clay, Xavier Woods) need to be the guys feuding for the US Championship. I actually wouldn't mind seeing Ambrose being pushed to the upper midcard and feud for the IC Title.

    I actually think Cesaro should be IC Champion and carry it for 9 - 18 months. He's a good enough wrestler and can make guys look good while also being strong enough to win a lot of matches to make the IC Title the sought-after championship it used to be, but it's going to take good booking and setting up feuds with former World Champions like Sheamus, Ziggler, Christian (if/when he comes back from concussion), RVD, etc., to make it really important.

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  13. I'm still not sold on Cesaro/Heyman yet. Love both guys, but thus far, Cesaro was MUCH better off as a Real American. Give the belt to Barrett.
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  14. Riding the coatails on this one; pretty much share about 95% of the opinions within it so.
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  15. Calling this now... Cesaro wins the tournament. He faces Big E at ER.. Swagger interferes and attacks Cesaro during the match.. Big E retain by DQ.
  16. Welcome back! :yay:

    I totally agree with the first part of this (not gonna talk about the second) Cesaro needs a mouthpiece, but him and Heyman do feel like oil and water. Cesaro is so likable right now, during his matches when he's doing all this crazy shit no human should be doing you couldn't pay the crowds to boo this guy. He's one of the hottest acts in the company stuck with... Heyman, the guy who just orchestrated the end of the streak and easily the best heat magnet in all of wrestling. Feels like they don't know what to do with the guy except that they know they want to do something. At least that's great! :yay:

    As for him still being a Real American, damn right. Obviously that can work as a face gimmick, and the "We the People" chants were over and associated with Cesaro already. So that way a great talker in Zeb isn't wasted on Swagger, and Heyman's free to go find a diamond in the rough like your boy Barrett.

    And we'd all mark to see a Heyman and Mantel start a little fight in the middle of the ring.
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  17. Lol Zeb is a comedy character. Being put with him confirms you're becoming a jobber.

    I think Swagger will cost Cesaro his semi-final match with RVD this Monday, leading to BigE/Barrett and Swagger/Cesaro at ER.
  18. Cesaro is immune to the Curse of the Comedy Characters. :tough:
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  19. Dutch would whoop that walrus' ass! :zeb:

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  20. Part of me likes this idea; part of me doesn't. I'm not sure why I wouldn't like this idea, because a Swagger/Cesaro feud is inevitable.

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