Extreme Rules So, The Steel Cage Match...

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  1. Who do you think is winning? It seems obvious that Lesnar should go over but never underestimate the power of the Almighty Nose... I mean Ego.

    All jokes aside, I'm close to 100% certain that Brock is winning. There is just no logic to Triple H going over. As much as we all hated to see it, there was some sense to him winning at Wrestlemania, even without the retirement stip. But I'm missing the logic of Triple H winning here. Triple H is likely going into a feud with The Shield afterwards (who already tried to jump him once) and Lesnar - when he returns - is either going after the world title and/or feuding with CM Punk. So guess who makes more sense to go over. I see it happening one of three ways:

    -They both escape the cage at about the same time. Lesnar crawls through the door and escapes just a couple of seconds before HHH lands on the floor on the opposite side. Makes them look about on equal footing while still giving Lesnar the win.

    -The Shield interferes. They tried to attack HHH once and I'm sure they'll attempt to again. Either he tries to crawl out the door and one of them slams the cage door on his head, or he tries to climb out over the top but the Shield stands there down below, swinging a chair upwards to stop Triple H from climbing over, and then Lesnar pulls him off the cage and the top rope he's standing on and puts him away with an F-5. Brock leaves the cage and The Shield noticeably back off as he does (they want no piece of Lesnar, obviously) and then enter the ring and throw Triple H around and destroy him further. So begins the HHH/Shield feud.

    -This is the way I see it happening. Triple H has Brock down and has a chance to escape but he doesn't. He teases walking out the door but then he doesn't. He climbs the top rope teasing climbing over the cage for the victory bit then he doesn't (this is especially cocky because it takes more time to climb over than it does to simply walk out the door.) It's more manly to put away your opponent with a pin fall or submission, see? So he walks over to do so but makes a mistake, as Lesnar has had time to recover and he walks into an F-5. He probably kicks out but another one does HHH in.

    The next night, Triple H gives a promo talking about how he made a fatal mistake, having Brock Lesnar down for the count but he didn't want to defeat him by just walking away (as in escaping the cage) and it cost him. Before he can continue on, The Shield interrupt and attack and destroy HHH, with no one around to save him this time. (Perhaps Team Hell No are too banged up to come help this time around, or perhaps they do, but are so banged up from the night before that they make little difference, and get destroyed themselves.)
  2. I'm also thinking Lesnar wins here. Not going to argue with why they booked this match, because this entire feud has no point tbh, but it's here so nothing to be done but discuss. If they want to start a feud between HHH and Shield would be a nice idea indeed, I could see it happening, especially with HHH being booked strong because you know.
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