So the TLC poster has been released

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. So the one I posted earlier was real? Well who'da thunk it
  3. *cough*repost*cough*
  4. Would've looked better if he wasn't holding the chair..
  5. He always looks pretty special to me.
  6. They needed a pose like Ryback gives in his entrance. Where he raises his head slowly and looks like he's going to murder someone with his pink eye. Not a pose where he looks like a window-licker happy that he has a chair.
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  7. I'd quiet like him with a terminator style picture, you know where half his face is torn away showing a mechanical face underneath.
  8. You mean you would "quite" like him with a terminator style picture, right?
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  9. No I'd do it without much noise.
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  10. :facepalm: yet hilarious.
  11. Welcome to my life, success in failure is common place here.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. That's the shit I was looking for, but just his face with a ladder behind him as the WWE title gleams in a dark room.
  14. That's the shit I was looking for, but just his face with a ladder behind him as the WWE title gleams in a dark room.
  15. Such a good post it was done twice.
  16. +1 because your wording amused me.

    Anyway, I completely agree. This poster is awful and really does not make Ryback look vicious at all, as he usually does. The only thing I can figure is that maybe they wanted to try to do something with his hands and have him pose that way just to do something with his hand, but really? Anyone can pick up a folding chair and hold it in one hand. That doesn't exactly strike fear into the hearts of those who see it or make him look like a force to be reckoned with. If they were just wanting to have something in his hand, they could have at least gone with him hoisting a table over his head and looking like he's about to go into a fit of rage -- something besides him looking tickled to death to be holding a chair.

    Ryback entrance = :tough:

    Ryback TLC poster where he gets to hold a chair = :yay:

    Ryback the day after the photo shoot for the poster:
    "Dear Diary,
    You won't believe what happened! Today WWE let me lift a chair! I was so excited I couldn't hide it! Wait till you see my picture! Teehee!"
  17. In my mind they should have given him a more serious or :tough: look on his face and instead of having his arms raised, have them lowered but still holding the chair. Only dented like the cooch of a California teenage girl at a frat party. Maybe have some other wrestlers spread throughout the carnage all beat up.
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  18. Now you're talking. That would be a massive improvement over this garbage.
  19. i think the poster looks pretty good :obama:
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