So, they're teasing the split already with Big E?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 28, 2013.

  1. AJ cost Big E the match last night from what I say, and after the match the two were arguing. How do you think WWE will book this? Naturally Ziggler is going to defend AJ which will eventually create a Ziggler/Big E feud, but I am fearful for Dolph's reign if that is the case. I don't see WWE making the same mistakes with Big E as they did with Ryback.

    What do you think?
  2. Appreciate the touch of realism with Big E just shaking his head and walking away from a bitching woman. :haha:
    Think ALL of us have been there!

    Oh, right, the split. Anything to get the spotlight back on Dolph is fine with me. And Big E turning on AJ would be the perfect way to protect Dolph, just have AJ hook up with some oth... no, never mind, lets not do that.

    Is there any way Big E can turn face without Dolph being sacrificed or getting another AJ Lee storyline? -.-
  3. I think they'll do the same mistakes as they did with Rayback or not making the feud. Maybe a feud like Miz and A-Ry's feud or something similar but not for the title. That's what I think may happen
  4. A Big E/Ziggler feud sounds quite likely, probably leading to a PPV match in which Ziggler wins dirty but gets destroyed afterwards.
  5. Hopefully AJ costs Big E a series of matches and eventually Big E snaps and kayfabe strangles her to death, writing her off of WWE tv for good.
  6. inb4 AJ is paired up with either Sandow, Ambrose, Perfect Jr or some other newbie/up'n'comer/rising star :pity1:
  7. please be Punk

  8. ohgodno. The marks would be un-fucking-bearable.

  9. Yea but I could just focus all of my hate directly at them and not have to divide among multiple angles
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