So this is what exactly is happening right now for those confused

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  1. TNA is at a really big low right now and people are problem wondering what exactly is going on since BFG earlier. Well I'm just gonna explain for you.

    We'll start off in June, TNA failed to find a pace to continue tapings after those in July so they did a shitload of tapings at wherever they had this based. This covered EVERYTHING before BFG in October. Yeah... that much time between Impact televised events... already bad right there. When the spoilers came out things looked really weird like they were doing it way out of order or doing a shit ton of random matches. Some tapings had no one come out with any belt what so ever. Whatever happened made no sense at these tapings, from the time between the tapings were made and when they were aired we saw a shit ton of people split like James Storm, Austin Aries, all of the ridiculous BDC stable and also had Bram get suspended for his arrest.

    So we moving into BFG the shit was booked of the basis of 2 tapings, EC3(c) vs. Galloway vs. Matt Hardy. Why was Matt shoved in here? Because BFG was in North Carolina and TNA is desperate for good crowd reactions. So Hardy wins... but this is where TNA had the issue.

    The problem was TNA couldn't land a place to do tapings after BFG or at least one live show. Yep, that's awful, but they had the plan B because they were worried about this. The reason behind the random tapings in July was a back up storyline plan if they failed to find a home after the BFG live event. Since they couldn't expose to the crowd who witnessed the tapings in July their plan to put the title on Matt, they had no choice but to ridiculously make Matt vacate the title on what was like a social media video. This was by EC3 threatening him with Jeff's criminal history- which is ridiculous already because doesn't everyone know Jeff's drug history nowadays? (I mean he even got freaking high right before a match at Victory Road 2011).

    Now that the championship crisis is adverted TNA can now use the extra footage from July. This was morphed into a TNA World title series. This would be good, but lets not forget they are using the base of the storyline from footage back from JULY. So in this footage you have mostly guys who have left TNA between the tapings and BFG like Austin Aries, James Storm and the suspended Bram. If anyone even remembers Aries lost a work match that made him leave TNA, he showed up on the post BFG episode and commentary just explained that "Aries made his way in because he is a former champion and this was the "former champions" group". <--- yeahhhh well that makes his match with Spud look pointless doesn't it?

    I don't know when James Storm is supposed be showed from the tapings but he just showed up on NXT... so this really fucks up plans.

    ^^ So as you see TNA is pretty bad right now, lower than ever... how much longer do you think until they close their doors for good? I'm sure these next few weeks of showing tapings from 3 months back is gonna damage their reputation more going into India...
  2. Really gotta stop talking about them closing the doors.. As long as the company is alive we should be talking about what they can do to improve so it helps the entire business. No matter how bad a company seems they can always dig themselves out of the ditch.
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  3. TNA isn't doing anything to help the Wrestling business, if anything they're making it a laughing stock. Just kill it with fire already.
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  4. Hate to break it to ya but there has never been a company in a ditch this deep that has climbed out, as long as their showing footage from July before the India tapings whenever they are it's gonna really hurt them.
  5. TNA's royally fucked if they don't find a TV deal for 2016, obviously. All signs are pointing to DA bailing on them and TNA closing doors by/at the end of the year.

    However, if they do manage to stay in business, then kudos to them.
  6. tl;dr

    I partly blame Destination America, but TNA did a shit job as well.
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