So this mega earthquake, is it going to happen?

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  1. This is scary.
  2. So yea, these are legit scientists saying this. Nothing conspiracy about this. This is going to be on par with Fukushima. If you haven't seen the damage done there, yikes.

    Now we can get weird about it and throw HAARP into this and say well, the gov'ment is going to make this happen but this is based on patterns that happen and have happened for 1000's of years. Even if they do have the tech and power to make these things happen, there is already scientific proof that it will eventually snap and cave in.

    Then we can even look at this as being fear propaganda, ya know, cause fear is how people get controlled the easiest. If they want people out of that area, why not scare them out?

    Either way, things like this have been getting worse over the last 100 years and I don't see it getting better.
  3. That's some scary shit. Hope all those scientists are wrong.
  4. Californians are still surprised about earthquakes?

    You live right were multiple continental plates slam into each other repeatedly. Earthquakes are guaranteed.
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  5. Cali and the whole West Coast along side the ocean sees earthquakes on such a regular basis it is nothing to them but at the same time, they don't really ever see ones that get that high on the magnitude scale.
  6. Soon. God is coming back.
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  7. God never left :cesaro:
  8. As for the whole "California will be ripped from the united states by an earthquake" thing. It ain't happening. Earthquakes are a thing yes, but the tectonic plates that California rests on aren't being pulled apart, they are being pushed together. You are more likely to have San Jose become a suburb to LA than California drifting off into the pacific to become an island.

    A tectonic plate has a top speed of about 100 millimeters (roughly 3,97 inches) per year. The idea that they'd somehow reach the speed to produce the power to rip a landmass as big as California from an even bigger landmass in the greater American Continent is just ludicrous.
  9. Just take Hollywood.
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    That sucks for Washington.. It sounds like they're certain it's going to happen.. You can't believe everything scientists say though, they've been wrong numerous times.
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  11. It is only happening to the northern part of cali. Damage down to the mid to southern area wont be as bad.
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