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  1. Was actually pretty good. The matches and the show as a whole was more evenly paced then last weeks fuckload of matches showed into 2 hours of show.

    The Orton V Sheamus main event was very good especially the ending which involved a lot of twist and turns ringskill vice and ended teasing that delicious Orton heel turn that the IWC seems to be salivating for.

    The Rhodes V Santino match if short and burying Rhodes was good. Unification of the titles was also heavily teased and a feud between the two was officially established.

    Bryan dominated a match against Ryder that though short was not a complete squash since Ryder got some good offence in and a chance to show of for the crowd. Plus none of the commentators buried him verbally either.

    The tag team match between the champs and Young and O'neil was a really good tag team match that ended with the champs winning, looking strong heading into the pay per view.

    The Laurinaitis V Cena feud got some build at the start of the show which was then interrupted by Punk. Who was then put in a match with Kane. For the match Bryan joined the team on commentary.

    This is where I will start sounding crazy for some I think but bare with me. This was were the build of a lengthy Punk vs Bryan feud was officially started at least in my head. People have been complaining about the lack of build between Punk and Bryan but I would like to disagree. WWE released a large article on the two when the match was declared official and I've seen at least two or three posts related to the match on my facebook flow from either WWE's official account of any of the related ones like Cena, Punk and Big Show. This feud has gotten build. Just not the traditional style of build. And there is a reason for that. There is nothing there to build a feud around except the title. Just five -six months ago Punk and Bryan stood in the same ring after TLC celebrating that they were both on top and neither character has turned on the other yet. There is no animosity to push the feud forward. Instead the focus has been on two old friends who struggled together for years finally facing each other for the WWE's ultimate price at a ppv. And this is were the feud will kick off.

    My belief is that OTL will be the starting ground of a possibly lengthy Punk and Bryan feud were something happens to cause real animosity between the two former indie friends that will lead to more matches between the two and a real feud with real build. Bryan screwing Punk by attacking Kane with a chair and framing Punk was the first blow. If one listened to Bryan on commentary one can note that he never said he hated or disliked Punk, just that he was the better of the two and was going to prove it. Him doing that will start of a feud that could have potential to be one of the best of 2012 and create some stellar matches.

    That is my theory and I am calling it as a very likely possibility. Their feud up to OTL has received very little traditional build up cause it doesn't need it. Their respective ring skills and legacies will be the build and at OTL, the fun will really begin.
  2. Yes, the last SD was good, based on current standards. Bryan vs Punk may get a good build up if it continues until NWO, but I agree, there is already a certain build to this feud. The problem is, we here at the IWC know about it, but the casuals won't be interested in seeing them fight just because they've fought before on indies, and therefore, won't buy the PPV for this match (if you consider the build up).
  3. Good for SmackDown. Good is a strong word
  4. I liked the show this week, and thought it really showed that Daniel Bryan outsmarted CM Punk, not Kane burying the WWE Title like it looked like in the spoilers. Good match between those two and Sheamus/Orton. Damien Sandow > You.
  5. I enjoyed seeing monster Kane beat the shit out of Punk. Why can't WWE keep him like that every week? -__-
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  6. This was the best Smackdown this year. I only skipped through the be a star, make a wish and the big show recap, and not the whole show like i usually do.

    yes!!! I agree with this
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  17. i give it 8/10
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