So True

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roach, Jun 8, 2012.

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  2. So true, so annoying.

    Also, when watching YT vids like KSIOlajidebt, normal bits when talking about fifa mum stays away, when he starts ramping on about tits and stuff she comes in.
  3. Or when you're using earphones and watching porn and the earphones get pulled out the computer and the pleasure being had in the video is available for everyone to hear!
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  4. :dafuq:

  5. yeah dude it happens.. but only at inappropriate times.. it's like the earphone are stalking your browsing activity and are waiting for the perfect moment to escape the jack and reveal your shameful ways
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  6. :dafuq::dafuq::dafuq:

  7. and it's even weirder when both of the moaning is guys
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  8. :gusta: :gusta: :gusta:
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  9. Oh and when you're mom asks what that white stuff is on your hands, you say cream, she says eat it then, you eat it and it's not cream :nogusta:

  10. :dafuq::dafuq::dafuq:
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  11. :true: last night at half one in the morning :upset:

  12. :pity::pity::pity::pity:
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