Spoiler So was that a heel turn?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Nov 24, 2013.

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  1. By Kofi Kingston of course. (inb4 Senhor says no)

    The Miz acted like a face throughout the match, even shook his hand before the match. But in the conclusion of the match, The Miz wanted to shake Kofi's hand, but instead received a bitch slap. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

    Anyways, was that a heel turn? And if it was, are you excited to see where things go? From what I've heard, Kofi has done well as a heel.
  2. What.... what the fuck? Didn't Miz basically turn heel on RAW? The way you're explaining this it seems like Miz is staying face and Kofi's being heel. That just sounds fucked.
  3. The match is around the 15 minute mark.
  4. I am really skeptical about this. I would love to see Kofi turn heel, I just don't expect it to ever happen. There is honestly nothing left for him as a fun loving happy go lucky face. For him to have any chance whatsoever at even a temporary push above the midcard, he must have a run as a heel. I just don't believe the WWE will actually do it with him. This is probably just more about pushing Miz as a heel in the end.
    I don't want to get my hopes up.
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  5. I actually think it's likely setting up a full fledged heel turn for The Miz. Kofi was just super pissed at Miz leaving him "high and dry" on Raw, as Cole noted on commentary, plus I saw kind of a smarmy look on Miz's face at the beginning when he offered his hand shake to Kofi (even though he did indeed shake his hand and beat him clean.) They might tease it being Kofi going the heel route but I'm certain it'll be The Miz. He's a more natural heel and Kofi a more natural face, and Miz has already teased the heel turn on a couple of house shows recently.
  6. It wasn't a heel turn, in the cut and dried world in the WWE since Miz turned heel on Raw Kofi was just showing his frustration for leaving him high and dry. Arguably a nice touch? Yes. But most people thought it was a heel turn, so what a big execution fail.

    I'd love to see Kofi turn heel, what does that dude have to lose at this point? Maybe he has this amazing personality we can see after he turns like R-Truth. In the least it's something new and interesting in a company starving for something like that.
  7. Yea now that I think about it, it was just Kofi being frustrated and whatever. Still think and hope Miz is the one going heel.
  8. I didn't watch it, but with Miz doing what he did on Raw I really doubt it.
  9. They both bore me. I'm up for a Kofi turn, considering he's incredibly stale. That being said, he should work a program against a face people care about which I think we all can agree. Miz is not.
  10. I'm not sure that it was a heel turn. If anything it just looked like retribution for what happened between them on Monday. In the coming weeks, hopefully it will become clear if they continue the feud who will be face and who will be heel. So far it just seems like an unexplained mess.
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  11. I do think it would be a nice swerve for Kofi to come out of this as the heel. But I really can't remember the last time the WWE did something I was hoping they would do.
  12. Kofi is just pissed that Miz did him wrong. Heel Kofi would be awesome
  13. They could have used it as "planting the seed" for it, but whatever it was, certainly didn't do shit for the Miz's turn.
  14. Remember when Kofi knocked Miz the fuck out a while back? Maybe that's why Miz left Kofi hanging on Raw. And now with Kofi slapping Miz, he's gonna turn jah heel mon!
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