Summerslam So We Find Out What The Shield Will Be Doing At SummerSlam

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. So, after winning the 20 man battle royal on RAW by last eliminating Mark Henry, Rob Van Dam earned himself a United States Championship match vs. Dean Ambrose on the SummerSlam pre-show. Also, although not confirmed, Rollins and Reigns set the locker room a challenge to step up and face them for the WWE Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam, and it looks like Mark Henry and The Big Show answered that challenge.
  2. The Shield on the pre-show two PPVs in a row. How far they've fallen. RVD/Ambrose should still be awesome, though. Show and Henry vs Rollins and Reigns, not so much.
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  3. Hopefully the Shield lose their belts here, leading to their split. They fucking suck now.
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  4. This. How I hate The Shield. Hope RVD wins Ambrose!
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  5. Why the fuck didn't they have that battle royal 4 weeks ago to actually give RVD/Ambrose some build?
  6. The Shield were great while they lasted but it really is about time they break up,at this point I'd much rather see them three on the own.
  7. I suppose it'll be fine. I'm really not a big fan of this (making it on the go home show? Plus the randomness of it) but yeah, it'll be alright matches.
  8. They'll get through the matches with the usual impressing despite shit booking and then hopefully we get proper feuds for them.
  9. Oh I guess that gives some level of reality to my wondering -

    Oh man that would be sweet. :yay:
  10. I hope ambrose keeps the titles but the shield brakes up leading to a 3 way for the us title at mania
  11. It's not shockingly surprising that there's no built to this, typical WWE.
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