So we got what we wanted. I'm cool now.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. I made a thread in the SD section venting my anger at the hinted Bryan/Kane feud. Today, it was booked perfectly. Absolutely spot on. Bryan/Punk at MITB, so another 5* match coming up. Bryan looking strong too, fair play to Punk, he makes you think he might actually lose unlike Cena.

    Anyone else incredibly pleased they're back to a one on one feud?
  2. Definitely. They played it all out perfect. Love Kane dumping AJ because she is too crazy for him. Was not looking forward to Kane being screwed over by her. Plus we get Bryan vs Punk one on one. Love it.
  3. Your sig is awesome. +10
  5. This.

    Of course, I'm also one of the few who would actually love to see the whole AJ angle and storyline gone completely. Her random skipping around the ring while her music plays during their matches just irritates me.
  6. I'm glad. I was pissed off about possibly having to watch Bryan get stuck in a feud with Kane, but to know it won't happen and that we'll have Punk vs Bryan again makes me really happy.
  7. It's a good thing because if Bryan had fought Kane, the only person left for Punk to fight would be Big Show, which would have made for a horrendous feud and match.
  8. And Bryan's momentum would have been destroyed.
  9. Good to see that they are having a one-on-one feud, but I won't be "happy" until they ban AJ from ringside. A five-star match doesn't feel like a five-star match when you already know the finish.
  10. Did you honestly predict NWO?
  11. I wish it was Kane vs. CM Punk but I like Bryan so I happy. I hope that Kane get to vs. CM Punk at SummerSlam for the WWE Title though!?
  12. Perfectly booked fued by the WWE IMO. I wouldn't have chose Kane, but they used him and ended his role absolutely perfectly.

    As for Bryan and Punk, if the atmosphere is great then I expect it to even reach 5* on Meltzer's ratings.
  13. I don't think Meltzer will give it 5*, he's an idiot. But it would be close to that if the build was interesting. Let's see how they'll build the feud up this time around.
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  14. Meltzer truly is a moron. I'm unsure how Punk v Bryan at OTL wasn't given 5 star.
  15. And that's only in recent history. There are many matches that deserved five stars in many people's minds, but Meltzer... :sad:
  16. I never knew you were a Bryan fan :O. BITW
  17. Yeah, Savage is a Bryan fan.

    The No Way Out match was a lot of fun and unpredictable going into it, but after it started, we all knew nothing important was going to happen involving the finish until AJ came out. Yeah, there was some cool spots in the match and some great wrestling from these two, but it all felt like a formality. Hopefully there's no AJ this time.

    All the build this match needs is from OTL. They proved that despite Punk being the guy with this long ass title reign, going over challenger after challenger, Bryan is just as good as he is. They've cemented themselves as the two best wrestlers in the company atm, and now they fight over who the real champion is. But if they want to take a Daniel Bryan "Voice of the IWC" approach to mock Punk, that would be great as well.
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