So we know deep down the most controversial thing about last night was...

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  1. Aksana is helping Eve against Kaitlyn :shock::shock:
  2. Had forgotten about that. :lol1:
  3. One of the best and most surprising twists WWE have pulled for a while, I honestly thought the attacker was a blonde! Great swerve.
  4. I seriously thought it was Teddy Long. That scumbag
  5. Do we? How do we know that? I skip backstage shit and divas match.
  6. She attacked Kaitlyn again and Kaitlyn fought her off and pulled the wig off her
  7. Oh, thanks.

    Well that was disappoiting. I'd prefer Tamina TBH. Having her in AJ/Vickie is stupid.
  8. Tamina raped AJ, that was nice.
  9. WHEN. EXACT START TIME. :gusta:
  10. Sorry I got a clip from my secret backstage sources. Can't share.
  11. That's a funny way to write "Fandango didn't replace Rhodes in the SS Match" Crayo.
  12. Fandango. Can't read that without laughing. It's the name of a famous snack here in Brazil. :dawg:
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