WrestleMania So what about Stone Cold @ WM?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Feb 15, 2016.

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  1. “Yeah, I’m, at this point, 99 percent sure that I’ll be (at WrestleMania 32). In what form or capacity, or whatever, I have no idea. We haven’t discussed anything creatively. One idea makes sense for me to be there, which I obviously can’t talk about now, but I’d love to do this one endeavor that they’re talking about. But whether I’m in the ring or part of the show remains to be seen.”

    The above was a quote from the Rattlesnake himself. Now I am not sure what they can possibly use him for or what he will do but I am hoping it is something good if they do. Also, isn't the Rock attending as well?
  2. He's been at every mania for the last couple of years in some form (even if just hanging out backstage.) And this year it is in his home state. Austin will be in the building. If he'll be involved beyond a backstage segment is of course up for debate.
  3. I highly doubt that he'll just be backstage when WM is in his home state. He'll be in the ring and further develop a storyline. He won't wrestle of course, but maybe he'll cause someone a match, cause a DQ, play some other type of major role, etc.
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  4. Potentially the biggest Mania ever in terms of attendance, his home state, yeah, you bet Austin will be there and I'm almost certain that he will show up on RAW in the following weeks (after Fastlane) to hype things up, just like the Rock showed up a few weeks back.

    Now, while I understand it is highly unlikely we'd get to see him wrestle, I wouldn't totally dismiss the possibility under the circumstances and with that being said, I'll just remind an idea I pitched a couple of months ago involving Sheamus and the 3:16 vs 5:16. I know it may sound silly, but even to this day I feel that WWE planted the seeds. I mean, Sheamus with his 5:16 T-shirt and actually quoting Austin in one occasion (5:16 says I just whipped your ass towards Roman) are things that could be used to set this match up.

    Again, I understand it's highly unlikely and me perhaps reading too much into things but if Austin were to indeed have one last match for old time's sake, this would work. Anyway, time will tell...
  5. They can still use that towards his involvement even if he doesn't wrestle. Have him attack Sheamus or cost him a match.
  6. If he gets in the ring again I am sure he will stunner someone at the very least.
  7. Live, 1 hour long Steve Austin podcast at Wrestlemania!
    Because everybody else is injured, gotta eat up some time..
  8. I would rather they just kept Austin out the show. Keep all the old legends out the show. With the amount of injuries we have this year to main roster wrestlers, it's a great opportunity to see what the remainder of the roster can pull off. Hopefully give us some sort of positive glimpse for the future if they can pull it off.
  9. SCSA's going to be at this year's Mania, you can bet on that.

    Perhaps HBK and The Rock, as well.
  10. I thought they might use Austin as a special guest referee with Reigns vs HHH. And they would put HBK in Trips corner and Rocky in Reigns corner. But now I think it might be a triple threat match with Ambrose vs Reigns vs HHH with Austin in Ambroses corner.
  11. The Rock is gonna be there. Idk about HBK, but it is also his home state so probably.
  12. Adam for What Culutre had the idea of Ambrose vs. Triple H where HBK is ref and SCSA is in Ambrose's corner.
  13. I don't think they'll have HBK as reff, that'll be to unfair for Ambrose at the show of shows. Austin trying to get involved, HBK can kick him out.
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