So what did you do?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, May 20, 2014.

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  1. So what did you do while the forum was down, I am curious. Many members are on here daily.
  2. Checked to see if the forum was back up a lot. Lurked at TWF but didn't sign up as felt wrong. Kept checking Solidus' twitter feed for updates. An used facebook more. Lol
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  3. YOU ALMOST CHEATED!!! :angry: I'm on to you! :mad2:
  4. I checked back ALOT lol. I have a family so I had to spend more time with them. :(( JK, lol. I started playing Hearthstone on my iPad. Not a bad game.
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  5. Lol!!!
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  6. LOL'd :haha:
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  7. There's life outside the interweb, so after watching a collection of videos on Youtube (and quickly surfing through other forums and sporadically checking to see if this one was finally up and running again), I went back to living that.

    Life outside the internet, he says? It can't be! :robbie:
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  8. Went to uni, went to Raw at the O2, got some of my assignment done.
    I actually stopped procrastinating.
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  9. There is life beyond these windows!? :shock:
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  10. I didn't. :haha:

  11. Commit suicide-- I'm actually a ghost of my former self.
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  12. Actually used my time away from Watch Wrestling Forums to... you know... watch wrestling.
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  13. So, what you're saying, then, is that you're a Shadow.......


    Oh, and I 'bated and napped. There is no life without this forum, no matter what Lockard says.

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  14. Glad to see this place back up. Not a fan of the UI.X skin, but I expected it since Solidus' other forum runs it too.

    Best of luck guys, and hope nothing crazy like this happens again!
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  15. In all started back in 1965, I fucked a babe by the name of Kenisha. We had a son, named Darnell. Then we moved to the outer regions of Kenya and we started our mining field there. Once the forums reopened, we left and came back.
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  16. Casualed it over at TWF to get my fix.

    Went on a job trip to hold a seminar on drugs, alcohol and myths around them. So I got to stay at a hotel on Monday. Was sweet as per usual.
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  17. Checked back every like two hours; tweeted out to Solidus for an update; goat around to reading some comics I had picked up earlier last week and then cured my hangover all day w/ plenty of water, a nice meal in the morning. Played some Clash of the Clans and pretty much chilled on my last week before school starts back up again haha.
  18. Saw you sign up over there as I was lurking lol.
  19. I went to a magic place called the outside. Spoooooooookyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  20. This is only like 6th on my forum list so I just visited my other ones as per norm.
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