So, what do we make of the TNA offices...

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, May 27, 2015.

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  1. Not telling their talent about ROH coming to DA? As is pretty clear from looking at twitter (MVP being a good example), TNA talent weren't told about this new deal which according to Pwinsider has been in the works since like January.

    There has been stories before about the TNA office being crummy, but where does this put them?

    Discuss. How should this have been handled by the office? How do you feel for the talent?
  2. Talent shouldn't worry about it. All they need to be concerned about is doing their job to the best of their ability.. Sure TNA should of mentioned it to them, but for the talent it's no big deal.. I think the issue is TNA is so dysfunctional it's starting to piss the talent off,
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  3. ^ They don't even pay their talents on time. Smh.
    And not even like a month late, like months late.
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  4. Because history doesn't prove the opposite!
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  5. My two year old sister could work better than them tbh.
  6. TNA offices suck for a lot of reasons... this doesn't really register with me as a reason that they suck. What would telling the talents have done?
  7. Did they even know?
  8. They haven't talked to them about them being cancelled yet (even though they obviously know). Why would they tell the talent about this? Just from this alone, I couldn't imagine working there. Know Ditsy and the front office must be in a lot of stress, but can you not talk to your talent about a plan? Way to make resentment build up.

    Also, this proves that the Voices of Wrestling report about Dixie calling them dummies and accidentally sending the email to the president. So much for Django America not wanting wrestling anymore, it's clearly more than just that if they want ROH lol

    I just don't understand why ROH would want to be on this shithouse network.
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  9. TNA is terrible to work for, that isn't new. This is no different than having your job plan on firing you, they wait until you've worked your whole shift to walk you out - it's spineless me mentality that most of Corporate America runs on now days.
  10. :nope:
  11. It's about what type of momentum it gives the company. For TNA it was a step down from Spike. TNA had a big network, with enough money to sign Hogan and they traded down to DA. ROH on the other hand has never had national TV, so for them DA is a step up. Especially since they get to keep all their additional TV deals.
  12. Whoa, ROH fans getting a lil big for they britches? Let's remember what ROH is before we get ahead of ourselves here.
  13. So this is just an additional revenue stream? That's fantastic!
  14. What difference would it make if they had told them?
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  15. They are shit, same status as creative has been.
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