Extreme Rules So What Do You Guys Think About The Extreme Rules Card?

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  1. I'm Feeling Really Good About This Show Personally. The Iron Man Match For The IC Title Could Be A Front Runner For Match Of The Year (On The Main Roster), Styles Vs. Rusev Could Be A Turning Point In Rusev's Career (Even Though He Probably Won't Win), And I'm Also Looking Forward To Bliss Vs. Jax, For The Sole Fact That It's An Extreme Rules Match.

    Long Story Short, I Think This Could Be The Best Main Roster Pay-Per-View So Far This Year, What Do You Guys Think?
  2. Well you're on a wrestling forum on a Wednesday night after the go home shows before the PPV and nobody bothered posting anything about it
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  3. This is a wrestling forum?
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  4. No interest.
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  5. I guess the build-up wasn't very good. I've been behind on wrestling to the point where i just skipped ahead and read the match card for this Sunday. Guess I should have explained that.
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  6. I'm excited to see what Ronda is going to do. KO Vs Strowman could be fun.
  7. I'm Wondering What They're Going To Do With The Steel Cage Stipulation, More Specifically What Strowman Is Going To Do. He'll Probably do Something Crazy.
  8. The whole card is a bust. Alexa vs Mia is gonna suck because we know Alexa will retain and Ronda will interfere somehow someway thus leading to their match at Summerslam, AJ Styles and Rusev seems like it will be a good match, but it will be average, Deleters of Worlds and B-Team could be decent, bit B- Team will end since WWE isn't doing anything great with Bray and Matt, Carmella and Asuka will be the final nail in the coffin for Asuka's WWE career so hopefully she lives and goes,back to Japan, Team Hell No and The Bludgeon Brothers is gonna be whatever and boring, Adolph and Seth could be a good match, but doubt it, Roman and Bobby will just suck, Jeff and Shinsuke will be decent at best, Finn and Corbin is just stupid and so will the match, Braun and Kevin will be one aided and boring, and the Sanity and The New Day will be meh.
  9. Either Nia needs to beat Alexa or Asuka needs to bit Carmella (or both) for me to be happy. I can't stand having to chicken-shit heel female champions on both shows
  10. Tbf this ppv looks better then backlash and MITB
  11. I Very Much Agree
  12. It doesn't interest me...at all.
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  13. Not myself personally. I'll just check the results, maybe watch a couple if recommended.
  14. Didn't even realize there was a PPV this weekend...
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  15. I think this ppv could really exceed expectations. Only because those expectations are really minimum. Ziggler Vs Rollins, AJ vs Rusev, Ronda Rousey, Braun in a steel cage, Sanity Vs New Day.

    Even Lashley Vs Reigns could be really good. This ppv could exceed expectations and help build to Summer Slam quite well.
  16. 10 matches, seven without stipulations.... so I don't think much of it (I don't count Ellsworth in a cage as a stipulation because it really doesn't change the rules of the match)
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  17. This card highlights how bad WWE booking it. On paper this card is good. But the booking has been so bad that no one cares.
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  18. It looks dull to me. Only Strowman vs. Owens and Styles vs. Rusev stand out as being particularly interesting to me. I'm partially interested in seeing Jax vs. Bliss just to be amused with the inevitably terrible booking it receives. What happened to that fatal five-way match? WWE just announced it and forgot about it.

    Odds are they'll have Reigns take out Lashley then demand to be recognized as #1 contender for Lesnar.
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  19. I wish it had more stipulation matches ala the typical event should be, but there are some things I am interested in.

    I like a good cage match so Braun vs Owens can be entertaining, AJ and Rusev are two solid workers and I wish it was the main event, so I want that. Also not to mention the Pre-Show ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE YOU'D WANT TO WATCH IT. With a Tables match between New Day and Sanity and EL IDOLO. Keeping things at Extreme Rules Tranquilo. Then, of course, the 30 Minute Ironman match between Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler. Both men can put on a great showcase.
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