So, what do you think....(Big Spoiler)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by GrammarNazi82, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Big spoiler about tonight's SmackDown tapings (for the show that will air Friday, Jan. 11), so be forewarned before reading on....

    Show Spoiler


    So, what do you guys think of the title change? Seems like ADR's face turn is going well.
  2. Show Spoiler
    Holy shit, that was unexpected. I regret reading this now :upset:

    Anyway, Face Rio is pretty cool from what I've seen. Hopefully this reign is better than his previous ones, which were pretty boring and uneventful.
  3. I put big spoiler. :upset: I'm sorry. :((

    Should I change it to "major" spoiler or modify the title some other way so people will know? I only knew cause of posting the SD results as they happened. lol
  4. OK, I don't feel too bad because WWE actually just tweeted:

    So if I hadn't known and saw that, I'd be ticked. lol
  5. omg, new WHC!!!! (spoiler)

  6. omg, new WHC!!!! (spoiler)


    So now Vince is giving Smackdown spoilers.................:vince:

    Why did they announce the winner? They should had waited until Friday night after Smackdown.
  7. omg, new WHC!!!! (spoiler)

    Already posted.
  8. omg, new WHC!!!! (spoiler)

    You put the spoiler in the title. :facepalm:
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  9. RE: omg, new WHC!!!! (spoiler)

    oops :emoji_slight_frown: :sad1:
  10. RE: omg, new WHC!!!! (spoiler)

    He'll yea I was getting tired of big show having it. Too bad ziggles didn't cash in.
  11. Very unexpected. Show didn't get to lose it at a major PPV. Gotta suck for him. Regret reading it too.
  12. RE: omg, smackdown!!!! (spoiler)

    but thsi way they have ziggler cashing it on del rio, hence letting big show still look strong
  13. Albero/Ricardo feud plz
  14. Damnit, stop reading it when it says spoiler then. :upset: At least I didn't put directly in the title that there was a new WHC ... only spoiled it for those coming in here to read. Though WWE spoiled it soon after, which still rubs me the wrong way. No spoiler or anything, they just blurt it out.

    Anyway, I do agree it sucks for Show that it happened during a routine SmackDown taping.
  15. Don't worry about it, it's our fault for opening the thread knowing it was a spoiler. Lol
  16. Big Show should have some promo demanding for respect :jeritroll:
  17. Thank you. :yay: That's what I'm saying. :tough:

    I haven't posted news-type posts in a long time; I'm kind of enjoying doing it again. lol
  18. What an original idea! They should seriously consider this. WWE writers may have some spare material laying around he can use. :smug:
  19. i did that :upset:
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