Theories So what do you think happens after we "die"?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Crayo, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Thread inspired by Dolph's YOLO parody which made me giggle.

    Do you think you just die? Or do you go to "heaven"? Or do you reincarnate into something else? Do you roam around in the "spirit world"?

    There's tons of theories, and without having a hardcore religion debate try and explain yours. Yes, this is a serious thread for once so it's probably best to drop any funny jokes and such.
  2. Some sit in a box in the ground and rot away/are eaten by worms and insects. Some are frozen. Some are torched into ashes and put in an urn.

    Personally I will want to be cremated. I don't believe in afterlife or reincarnation or spirits or souls. So no, none of that for me.
  3. I think you just die, you have no life. I don't believe in heaven or hell. I think you just fade away into the blackness.
  4. Reincarnation I suppose, don't know. I don't see people just dying and that's it, there has to be a reason we're here, don't know what or why, I don't have the answer to it unless it's a GnR tour, so don't really ask me.
  5. I believe in a Heaven and a Hell, so those
  6. What are 'heaven' and 'hell' though? What goes there? Just a 'soul' ? What can a soul actually do? Just float about?

    Not patronizing you, I am genuinely interested in your answers.
  7. Nobody can know for sure. I think when you go the Heaven you are supposed to be a perfect form of yourself, like perfect health and features. Hell can mean many things. Hell is just a place of suffering. Whether that suffering is the typical depiction of a fiery pit is impossible to know. I can't really answer your question tbh. Heaven and Hell can be interpreted to whatever people think they are.
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  8. I'd like to go to heaven if there is one, but hell sounds more likely. :ryan:
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  9. Grew up with the concept of heaven and hell, but with age comes more and more questions daily. I honestly think there is no way to forsee what will happen when we die, but the choice to live for today is relevant when talking about these possibilities. Reincarnation to me is a wild concept, while it seems understandable to some cultures, i just don't understand how we could become bugs/birds/animals and then back to humans again based on how we live, the concept of deeds is a very confusing and outrageous concept IMO. Heaven and hell is also there, because today there are dozens of types of Christianity (WELS, ELS, MLS, ELA, etc) on top of judiasm, zionism, and all the other religions, except mormons who are idiots who were fooled by a crazy person. :true: So the concept of heaven being the cool table at lunch, and hell being the other 80% is just man forming things like the bible to help direct people to their own ideas. Honestly i could type for hours on it, but this is about as specific as i can be, i have no idea what happens.

    I dont know what happens when we die, but i respect others opinions on what makes their faith true to themselves, as it is one of the few choices that you can sincerely make for yourself. Free will is a great concept, no matter which way it is argued.
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  10. I don't believe in any religion or supernatural concept (gods/spirits/ghosts/angels/demons/afterlife/etc.) I think it's rather depressing but also most logical the the human body just rots and decomposes once it shuts down and dies (no different than a computer or vehicle shutting down and never working again.)
  11. I believe in Heaven and Hell, I'm a Christian. Because I stop to think and, when I look at the world, mankind, the society... I find it difficult to believe that all of this just happened "randomly" because of a chemical reaction and evolution because there was a planet with water and with perfect distance from a star. So I think there's a higher power above everything.
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  12. This will sound incredibly condescending, but you find the scientific explanation of things, to which there is tons of research and evidence to support, is less likely than a higher being, to which there is absolutely not a single shred of support to make you believe in?

    I am all for people believing what they believe in, but your reasoning left me befuddled.
  13. I agree with this. Everyday you'll be doubting God's existence because of what's happening. I'm trying to keep mine though. Maybe because an idea of having a supernatural being with ya makes you feel safe.
  14. I believe that it is just a black out when we die. Think back thousands of years, you're sitting there trying to figure out why exactly we are here: Are you going to believe in some big bang scientifically creating our world? No chance. You'd like to think that we were created by magical angels and gods.

    My thoughts.
  15. I agree with the latter part of your post a lot. Religion is something that was needed and made sense a long time ago, but as we become more and more educated about the world and our existence it will become more and more obsolete. The % of the population that is atheist/non religious is only going to grow higher as time passes.
  16. Nothing at all, you just die.
  17. Yeah totally agree with this. I would say probably the majority of people are atheists these days because it just makes so much more sense when you look at all the evidence (IMO anyway).
  18. I think that if your a bad person.... You get reincarnated as something bad... Like snooki's baby... Or Glass Joe from punchout!

    If your good, you get to be Layla's panties!!!! (when she's 18)!
  19. No, I see what you mean. My explanation does sound like a shot in the dark. I just find it a bit weird (not saying it's not what happened) that everything that led to the current state of mankind just happened for "no reason", let's say. I understand the theories, I just think it's not what happened.
  20. Non-believers answer one question: How did it ALL start? Not the big-bang, how did Space start? How did the particles exist before space to create space? Etc etc.

    Believers: Why is their suffering if there is an almighty-being looking over us (and created us)?

    There is no right answer.
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