So what do you think of Jericho/Punk?

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  1. Jericho challenged Punk last night - something I didn't see coming - and it looks like they are going to face off at Payback as Heyman accepted on behalf of Punk. What do you think of Punk returning at Payback (if it happens)? Also, what do you think the outcome would be? Jericho is being pushed again recently (went over Fandango, and is winning on TV again) and is a very over babyface. CM Punk has been off TV but is still incredibly over, and will be more over when he returns, so will it even be face vs heel? I can't help but see some sort of swerve coming. I am hoping it's not just going to be heel CM Punk vs face Jericho with Punk going over, but that still in itself will be awesome.

  2. Not sure what I think, but their feud in 2012 wasn't so amazing. Punk wasn't a heel at the time, though. I get the feeling there'll be some kind of swerve as well, but I couldn't possibly guess. To be honest, I think it's far too soon for him to return. As much as I want him back, it would've been so much more epic if they waited till Summerslam.
  3. I would love to see this feud. Jericho and Punk are my favorite Superstars on the roster and one of my only regrets was not getting into wrestling last year when their feud was going on. This could have an interesting dynamic change with Jericho being so over as a face right now and many fans love Punk. I think it could be a great way to bring back Punk into the roster with this match at Payback.
  4. Punk and Jericho both being "faces" (Punk will get a huge ovation) puts an interesting spin on the whole thing. It would be best to me if Punk didn't say anything about whether he'll accept the challenge or not (even via satellite) and remained completely silent until he showed up at Payback. I had a theory in another thread that Punk would arrive and Axel would end up helping him win, which wouldn't set well with Punk as he wouldn't/need his help in winning. This automatically puts the two of them on the wrong page. Another idea is Punk not showing up at all and Axel taking his place and this is the start of Heyman slowly making his choice to favor Axel as the future over Punk but I don't see Punk no showing Chicago or even showing up at the PPV and not wrestling. They could make an excuse though that Punk was elsewhere at the time of the PPV and perhaps hasn't even watched Raw since he left because he wanted to get away from the whole thing completely and thus didn't even know of Jericho's challenge, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't set well with the Chicago audience (They could always play it as putting the blame on Heyman rather Punk for assuring people for certain that Punk would show up at all in the first place, though.)

    Either way, I'm going with this being the start of a Punk/Axel feud, which itself could transition into a Punk/Brock feud but I don't want to break down a whole post explaining the details of that. With Punk returning as a baby face and making the official turn inevitably, this is all setting up some sort of way for Punk and Heyman to split from one another.
  5. I expect a swerve/no match.
  6. I'd like it but... This happened last year... Maybe if this was set a bit later would be better imo
  7. Not really pumped. 6 weeks without punk and I'm still alive ? Great. Punk vs Jericho. Just a random match, not really.
    My theory: Axel will take Punk's place. Go over Jericho while John cena will win the Lumberjack match, Ryback the tables one (It won't damaged supercena's image) and then punk will be the driver. Cena and Ryback will e really close to the doors of the ambulance. Punk will get out ( To a hugeeee ovation) throw ryback inside (Cena retains) and then immediately Cena. Closing the door and getting to the top of the Ambulance. Closing the show as a tweener.
  8. Looks pretty random but will be an entertaining match and will probably set something good up so alright.
  9. I expect it to be the catalyst of a Punk face turn. Most likely Heyman getting involved and costing Jericho the match, resulting in Punk saying he is better than that (or something along those lines) which leads to Punk leaving Heyman's clientele.
  10. This.

    I think the main risk of going down this route is that Chicago shits on the match and any others following this. IMO they've added Jericho in there because he's unlikely to get heat, and instead they'll just boo McAxelcutty. Plus, their number two guy randomly returning to face Jericho does seem rather pointless, whereas Jericho putting over Curtis seems a hell of a lot more logical.
  11. Prediction by Muuuftah.

    Punk will no show for Heyman and Heyman will be forced to put Axel in the match against Jericho then Punk will return the Raw after and tell Heyman that he wrestles when he wants to! Heyman sicks Axel on him and causes Punk vs. Axel at the next PPV and then Punk will beat Axel and Heyman will have no choice but to unleash Bork on Punk causing Punk vs. Brock at Summerslam.
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  12. Tbh outside of the dirtsheet reports I completely forgot Punk was gone.

    Love how Jericho can feud with Fandango one minute and then feel right at home feuding with a guy like Punk the next.
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  13. I think it's in Chicago and would be fun to watch that crowd go nuts for a punk return. I am skeptical about him returning, but if he does it'll be something to get excited about. Jericho vs anyone is usually pretty good, but punk? I might have high expectations but I bet they both expect that from the IWC.
  14. I know that Jericho is probably the most in touch with stuff we typically like in a feud. I think their last rivalry didn't go over so wll with other thing overshadowing it like Rock and Lesnar. I think with those things out of the way it will steal the show coming up on Summerslam. I also predict that they'll be putting a different spin on it to make it fresh and get off of the alcohol thing. Also Jericho being face and Punk being heel makes a whole lot of difference in this one. I have high expectations for this feud and I think it's the right feud for Punk to have coming back from a hiatus.
  15. I wish this would happen.
  16. Punk should put over Axel.
  17. It will. It will happen.
  18. :please:
  19. Jericho wins until then, gets worked and dips on tour again? Or takes a week or few off. It's going to be a great match.
  20. this looks like a coherent version of a gohan post. Pass.
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