News So what do you think of The Rock's daughter Simone wanting to join the WWE in the future ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by jminter2698, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. I like the idea of Simone getting into wrestling just like her father Dwayne but I kind of have mixed feelings about it, I think they'll probably make her a carbon copy of her dad with "The People's Eyebrow" and The People's Elbow, The Rock Bottom and all of the catchphrases that came with that persona. Like the WWE is doing with Charlotte Flair who is using the same robes as her dad Ric Flair, the modified version of the Figure Four Leg Lock, the Woo's and even her music is similar to his. The reason why it worked for Rock and Flair is because they originated it. I'd love to see Simone wrestle but not as an imitation of her dad, I want to see her do her own thing to make her stand out from him as imitations of already successful gimmicks are never as good as the original.
  2. If that's her desire, then she should go for it. My criticism of her in ring ability and character will come in due time when she performs.
  3. I agree but not right now, I'm a little skeptical about how she would fit in but yeah that could change overtime. So who knows.