Extreme Rules So what do you WANT as the main event?

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  1. For the Extreme Rules PPV this year, there's a number of ways the main event could go. Considering the ME will be Cena defending his title, which is pretty much given, we initially thought he'd defend against Rock who would invoke his rematch clause, but with him going home/being hurt we're not certain about this. Then we thought it'd be Henry, or possibly a triple threat with Ryback and Mark, but it sems like Henry will go against Sheamus for the PPV, which most probably leaves us with Ryback/Cena, but ignoring what you think will happen, who would you prefer Cena to defend the title against? Discuss.
  2. Cena/Ryback/Henry makes the most sense. Saves the Cena/Ryback face vs face confrontation for later and saves the Cena/Henry feud (which I think could mirror the Hogan/Earthquake feud from 1991) for later. Looks like we're getting Cena/Ryback, though. I'm curious how the company is gonna book themselves out of this one, given it's obviously set up for Ryback eating another pinfall. I wonder if they really will pull a swerve and have Ryback take the title off Cena that quickly. That would be a nice bit of unpredictable booking after just coming off the past ten months of predictable booking in the WWE Title scene.

    I want them to get Rock/Cena III out of the way as quickly as possible but looking at it from a business sense, that match is probably better saved for Summerslam... Assuming it happens at all.
  3. Ambrose and Rollins vs DB and Kane in a tlc match
  4. Cena vs. Ziggler vs. Henry vs. Bryan in a Fatal Four Way for both titles :yay:

    Seriously though, I guess Henry/Ryback/Cena would be the way to go. Cena/Ryback would be lame, and as much as I dislike Ryback, I'd hate to see him get yet another loss.. especially against Cena :eww:
  5. Cena/Ryback/Henry. You can't keep Henry out since he won at WM.
    My mark side wants Cena to drop the strap to Ryback, my smark side wants Cena to drop the strap to Ryback...
  6. I want both triple threats. Ziggs/Jericho/Fandongo for WHC & Cena/Henry/Ryback
  7. John Cena vs Ryback.

    That's what it will be and I don't mind it, as long as it's an Extreme Rules match.
  8. CM Punk for the WWE Title! But that sadly not going to have been!
  9. Ziggs/Rio/Swagger fall counts anywhere.
    Reigns and Rollins (With Ambrose) vs Hell No Street fight
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