So what is AJ's motivation for saving TNA?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 18, 2013.

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    The new dark knight for TNA?

    AJ Styles seems destined to be the tweener who ends Bully Ray's reign as TNA World Champion, ending the dominant ( :maybe: ) reign of terror from the Aces and 8s at Bound For Glory. Now from a kayfab aspect what's AJ's motivation for doing this? How is this right for AJ Styles? If he's going to be the bad ass tweener doing it for the company doesn't really fit IMO, I suppose he could be mocked by the Aces and 8s meaning he wants vindication for himself and not the company, I think fake Sting was used a plot telling device in WCW Sting was insulted that the NWO couldn't get him to join so he chased them, he had a reason to save the company. The previous sentence may have been a misinterpretation if so blame my lack of WCW watching.
  2. Simple IMO.

    He'll save TNA because of himself, not because of anyone else - Carter, Hogan or his friends. He's selfish and he'll do it because he's busted his ass for 10 years to build a company and now to just see it gone or something - he won't let it happen. He IS TNA, and TNA is AJ Styles.
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  3. It's that simple. AJ Styles built TNA, so he wants to save what he's built and that's the company.

    "I'm so sick and tired of being the corporate janitor and cleaning up TNA's mess". Now since that's the promo which started this turn and is the foundation of his current persona that's not a valid path to take sadly.
  5. He'll make great matches, he'll be the phenomenal one, he'll be the only AJ Styles, he'll be again the face of TNA. (IMO)
  6. Once Aces & Eights turns their attention to him and start provoking him it will just be natural for him to defend himself, and saving TNA will just by a byproduct of him do that.
  7. I said in a previous thread that he doesn't know who he is. Once he realizes that he built TNA, he'll save it.
  8. What dude above me said.
  9. "I? hope this is his heel change and he becomes a members of Aces and Eights"

    The top comment on that video.

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  10. He'll job to Bully on a random Impact, the true man to save the company this time is the Hulkster when he wins the WHC at BFG 2013 brother.
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