So what now for...

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. The winner of the Royal Rumble Sheamus.

    I guess he'll come out, confront Bryan and say he's facing him. Bryan turns full heel and retains at EC. Then Sheamus wins at WM right?
  2. I hope Sheamus wins the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 28, since him winning Royal Rumble and losing would be pretty pointless.
  3. Simple enough. He says he doesn't respect Bryan for the way he won and has defended the belt. Bryan sneaks out of the EC with the belt. They have a few brawls. Sheamus wins to protect us from another Big Show reign. They feud over the summer with Bryan getting more and more desperate. Bryan snaps to go from arrogant to more aggressive as he can't get back his world title. Eventually Bryan goes on a destructive streak winning next years Royal Rumble. Sheamus and Bryan's feud ends at TLC (which is in July according to wiki) were Dolph cashes in MITB on Sheamus leading to that feud beginning.
  4. That's actually a good idea to be honest. I'd actually enjoy watching that, some fresh feud that evolves around two people for the WHC. They could have great matches and a good feud, if booked right.
  5. The matches will be great no question about that.
  6. Hopefully with him challenging Bryan they'll have some great matches and rather than Sheamus being superhuman he'll become the never back down face who despite all the cheating and obstacles bryan throws his way he gets up an fights on with heart! kinda like rocky balboa i suppose!
  7. If they book it so Bryan can make Sheamus tap anytime he wants it'll be cool. His feud with Slow & Henry, he looked so very weak. If he's booked similar to Sheamus where they're both as strong as each-other it could be a top top feud.
  8. What if Bryan fakes an injury leading into Wrestlemania?
  9. @[Crayo] totally with you on that would improve them both dramatically! they've made bryan look stupid with this feud especially as wit his submission talent he should be powerfull not weak! they should be wars these matches if done well!
  10. He needs to put more pressure on his submissions. He doesn't really put much torque on anymore.

    Take this for example.
  11. IM with u there should get rid of this coward thing now show an henry out the picture!
  12. With Henry being injured I'd love to see Bryan be the one to push him on the shelf with a serious submission. So far everyone escapes his finisher "lebell lock".
  13. I wouldn't mind if he went back to that heel hook he had in NxT. He executed it really well and it suits a guy of his size.
  14. they should really push this move as its his finisher like the walls of jericho for example!
  15. God damn I hope this happens, so much.

    It fits perfectly with everything.