So... What way will they be taking Axel

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 21, 2013.

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    Not even Paul touches the beard.

    With a new name, new manager and a controversial win over Triple H. What does the future hold for the spawn of Mr. Perfect's ball sack?

    I'd personally like to see this be a slow climb up the roster. Establish him in the mid card/upper mid card and allow him and Paul to develop a character for him before trying to have him in the main event. Eyes are already on him after last night so there is momentum behind the character. And with Heyman doing the talking things can go real good. Put the IC belt on a transitional champion (Miz, Sin Cara, do your thing!) so that it can end up around Axel's waist. God knows it ain't doing Barrett any favors and Heyman and Axel could bring some prestige back with the right handling of it.

    I'd let Axel develop in the upper mid card as said before and grow as a character. Showcase strengths, give us a reason to care and such. Then I might even add some more wrestlers to the Heyman Corporation. God knows Heyman is a manager who could handle multiple guys at once. I'd personally add a tag team, that way he'd have one singles guy, two tag wrestlers and two main card talents in Brock and Punk (unless Punk turns face upon returning) But focus on Axel to start with.

    How would you like to see Axel get booked?
  2. I think there is better people in the company to be challenging at the top of the card so would be disappointed to seem him pushed straight up there, althought beating The Game on RAW has set him up for fighting above the mid card? Does Hayman do mid card,can't see him wanting to be pushing a mid carder after Lesnar/Punk.
  3. He managed Heidenreich and Rhyno. Mid card talent both of them.

    Paul will work were he is told to work I think. He loves the business so I don't think he will make a fuzz if his guy isn't in the main event straight away. It is probably more fun building a guy from the ground up anyway I guess.
  4. Build him up slowly to the IC title and have him win it at Summer Slam (good for historic reasons and putting some emphasis on the damn title for a change). Have him hold it for a long while and see how he does. If it goes over well then there's nothing stopping him for entering the main event picture by the end of next year.
  5. Am I the only one who could see a team Axel/Heyman team for Survivor series if booked right? If they do two team matches there's no reason one could be more mid card centered and have one team led by the IC champion (Axel in this scenario). They could put some stake in like if the other team wins the leader gets a title shot or something like that.
  6. If that's the case it'd be great to have a team Heyman vs team face.

    Ex. Punk/Lesnar/Axel/TBA vs Cena/HHH/IC #1 contender/TBA

    Its a great way to continue all the feuds without having to have titles on the line. The stip could be the winning team gets to choose what type of match they have with their respective opponent at the Rumble.
  7. But would say a IC title shot really be on the line if Punk and Brock were involved? They carry a bit of star power both so if both of those were involved Axel would not be the wrestler taking center stage. He'd still probably be used very well but he'd likely be a third wheel.

    An interesting idea would be Punk turning face since Paul found a new guy (say Punk returns post summerslam and Axel has some gold) then Punk leads the Survivor series team and Axel/paul the other team. That could be an interesting dynamic.
  8. The good news is that this opens up a slew of great new possibilities for the upcoming months. If booked properly, the Heyman 3 could be the the driving force along with the Shield for the next year.

    Perhaps even a team Heyman vs Shield SS match. I know they never do heel vs heel matches, but it would be a great contest for most dominant group in WWE. I digress, I hope he isn't buried and they let some of these seeds bloom into a great crop of new and interesting story lines.
  9. There sure were a lot of seeds planted last night.

    If Paul's stable should grow (say a tag team of two more) it should also be underused guys with potential in my mind. Guys like Hawkins since Heyman said it himself "you always boo my ideas, but they always become successes". Having a stable of cast aways for Heyman to lead to wreak havoc would be a nice twist to the WWE status quo.
  10. It's nice to finally see a good old fashioned stable being built one piece at a time. As long as they keep it as a small, tight-knit, competitive group without any fodder, it's a step in the right direction.
  11. I see a stable forming to be honest.
    But im not so sure how that is gonna work out with Lesnar as a part timer.
    Punk as the leader over the stable, Axel and add 2 other guys (Maybe Ohno and Cesaro?)
    And you got yourself a HECK of a stable :emoji_grin:
  12. The leader of the Heyman stable will obviously be Heyman.
  13. Heyman just as manager kinda like the 4 horseman.
    Be honest Punk, Axel, Ohno and Cesaro sounds like a awesome team.
  14. The manager is the leader in the sense that he represents the talent. If they wanted Punk to lead a group it would be like the straight edge society, or nexus or any other wrestler lead stable. Which would mean Heyman wouldn't be needed.

    Punk will most likely be a babyface when he returns considering the lack of babyfaces right now. And WWE seems adament to keep Ohno and Cesaro away from each other.
  15. Still the thought is fun.
    Punk, Cesaro and Ohno know each other verry well.
    A person can dream right?
  16. Well, if they do it right there's a lot to be done. I'm really really happy they started using him and I for one also hope he's built from the midcard. SS idea is pretty good and so is him holding the IC.
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