Spoiler So.. What's gonna happen now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by mh0707, Sep 17, 2013.

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  1. What's gonna happen now with the WWE Championship? Will Orton get it back or will HHH make himself the champion?
  2. I could see a triple threat. Trips hand picked guy/himself, Orton and his side of the corp if it splits. And Bryan in the third corner. That being if the corp splits without one part going face.
  3. Since Orton is sadistic again as per Steph/HHH, I assume at Battleground he and DB will face off again for the title.
  4. If HHH is going to handpick a guy, who could it be?
  5. They seemed to hint at them picking a new "face of the WWE" if they werent pleased with Orton last night and at NOC. But Orton "stepped it up last night".
  6. Reigns maybe
  7. It'd be interesting to see Big Show "given" the belt by the corp. He could be a reluctant heel champ and do their dirty work.

    It seems Show is in Steph's back pocket and will do what she says. Maybe they somehow get him the belt, and "command" him to wreck shop.
  8. :hmm: This is a pretty good question if Randy Orton doesn't become the sadistic heel during the time of Legacy.

    If it were to be someone else, it's possible that it could be Roman Reigns since he is a big guy, has the company look and just seems like the company guy. He goes by Vince's old "champions shouldn't be dwarf" mindset, and he is already with Triple H.

    Another interesting pick, as mentioned in another thread before, could be Wade Barrett. Wade isn't doing anything and is a favorite of Vince, and this could be a turn for the better in terms of gimmicks. Make him the actual corporate champ, not like Randy Orton while he was champion and claimed to be the corporate champ, but full on. Suit, haircut and everything, it'll finally push a young talent, give him tons of heat and the boost of learning from Triple H side to side.
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  9. I think it'll be just Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan in a rematch. The title was held up because of their original match, so no reason to add a third member. HHH/Steph could simply say that if Orton doesn't get the job done this time, they're gonna cast him into the same category as Daniel Bryan and look elsewhere for the new face of the company.

    Fast forward to the Battleground PPV, I think Orton wins the title without help or any sort of cheating or screw job. The way he does is, leading up to the PPV, he becomes more like the Viper of old and brings back the Punt Kick. Instead of The Shield attacking Bryan and holding him up for the RKO, he hits the Punt Kick a couple of times, maybe even the rope hung DDT onto a steel chair or something. Because of this, Bryan goes into the match with a (near) concussion, putting him less than 100% healthy to compete. But he does so anyway since he's determined to win the title and it ends up costing him, and he gets dizzy and near unconscious at one point and Orton takes advantage and wins the belt cleanly.

    This accomplishes a few things - Orton winning the title 'cleanly' convinces HHH/Steph that he deserves to be the face of the company while also allowing Bryan a good excuse for losing that doesn't involve being screwed. It also shows the aggressiveness of the Viper returning to Orton's psyche and personality.
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