So Whats Happened Since the 90's;)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zardnaar, Aug 2, 2016.

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  1. Hello everyone. Backstory born in 1978 and I staerted watching Wrestling back in 1988 or so when Hulkamania was running rife. I live in New Zealand and it was not always on. In the mid 90s' I followed it by hiring out the main event VHS tapes. I figured out kayfabe sometime in the late 80's but did not care. I liked the larger than life characters doing crazy stunts and moves.

    In 1997 WCW started screening and I started watching that not really knowing the difference between the two promotions but they had Hogan, Nash, Hall, Macho man etc. Then I turned 20 RL got involved and I only saw the sporadic episode/event. I watched WCWbecause it was on the TV here and WWF was not.

    Baiscally I was there for the start of the attitude era in early 1997. I remember things like Stone Cold refusing to submit to Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels push to the top, and Mankind vs Undertaker feud. And NWO/Sting/Bret Hart/Goldberg etc on WCW. I liked the attitude era stuff minus the way women were portrayed. Chyna was cool, Sable waste of space.

    Oh and i remember Rocky (as opposed to The Rock), Golddust feuding with Razor Ramon. I also remembered the Manking vs Undertaker hell in a cell match and Paul Bearer revealing taker to have a brother and calling him a murderer (lol because wrestling).

    I missed more or less everything from 2000 onwards but still know who Cena was and there are things like video games on the store shelves. Due to the miracles of the interwebs (wikipedia and youtube) I have been watching some matches online form what I remember and what I missed. Warrior died, Hogan screwed up, Dusty died, Roman got pinged for failing a drugs test. Some of the ones I have watched.

    Hogan Vs Ultimate Warrior
    Austin vs Bret Hart submission match
    Undertaker vs mankind hell inn a cell
    Lesnar vs Golberg
    Hogan vs Michaels 2005
    Michaels vs Undertaker retirement
    Heroes of Wrestling Event (lol its so bad).

    And yeah at the time I like Michaels, Bret, Austin, Razor and Diesel. I may have also like Hulkamania but liked Savage and Warrior better along with Jake the Snake. Hey I was 10 years old.

    I am not a massive wrestling fan as such but I liked reading wikipedia and have some fond memories. Anyway is there any way for me to legally watch WWE in NZ. it might be on satellite TV IDK here which is horribly overpriced but I am happy to flick VInce some money via an internet service as I do not mind paying for Netflix for example. I'm not really interested in watching 2 and 3 hour shows but I can handle 2 hours a week and know about the brand split.
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    Do you not have access to the WWE Network in NZ?
    WWE Network
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  4. Sorry about that, I misread your thread completely. lol But yes, Welcome! :happy:

    I stopped watching around the same time you did. I didn't start watching again till 2009 so I essentially missed everything you did, only hearing about parts of it in passing. The WWE network has tons of old footage and shows now that you can watch to get caught up. Right now is probably the best time to be getting back into wrestling because the last few years have been rather dry but this brand split and new up and comers are making the scene so it is getting interesting. As suggested above, I would check out the Network. That way you can watch what you want when you want to.
  5. Ok thanks this is more or less what I am after. How far back do they go and can you watch old episodes of RAW on it?
  6. @Zardnaar Yes, they have older episodes of Raw on there. They also have classic matches as well. I think they go quite far back with them but likely rotate them.
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