So what's Lesnar going to do at the 1000th RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. It's highly likely he'll be the one standing tall as we all know big nose isn't jobbing to Lesnar at SS. But what will he do? Take out HBK?
  2. HBK cuts a promo, out comes Brock and Heyman they run down Shawn for his association with trips. Shawn goes to kick Heyman but Brock catches his foot and F5s him. This causes HHH to come out, Brock bails to the outside. Heyman gets knocked down by Hunter, HHH goes to check on Shawn as his back is turned Brock comes in attacks him from behind, then does an F5 to HHH after they brawl or some similar shit IMO.
  3. Pretty much what I think.
  4. DX are in the ring making a promo. when suddenly the titon tron shows video of a car pulling up inside the arena. brock lesnar gets out. crowd goes wild. brock then proceeds to tear through the backstage area destroying all the jobbers he can find on his way to the ring. his finds his way to the top of the ramp. his music doesnt play, the sound guy fucking shit himself and ran away. Brock charges into the ring and HHH makes a quick exit, leaving HBK in there alone as brock unleashes hell on him while HHH is watching. HHH is pissed as he watches Brock F5 Shawn. HHH pulls out a sledge hammer and storms into the ring, to no avail, brock floors him with numerous punches to the face and then F5's him. He decided that he isn't finished with him, gets out of the ring and looks underneath is to grab something. He pulls out a table and sets it up in the ring and gives on more F5 to HHH through the table. he then gives a sadistic laugh and exits the stage as HBK and HHH lie lifeless in the ring.


    just a first draft :boss1: could be changed.
  5. Lesnar is going to bury the Mortician HHH :haha:
  6. Not sure if serious.
  7. He's gonna officially answer Triple H's challenge for Summerslam in person. Is the 1000th Raw the one that HBK is scheduled to be on? If so, he'll obviously take out HBK to get to Triple H, pretty much in the way Seabs described.
  8. Destroying people left and right, hopefully.
  9. Hes gonna give someone an F5
  10. He'll destroy DX's party for sure.. Hope they'll bring the BBQ. :gusta:

  11. I'm pretty sure use the bathroom, say hello to everyone backstage, eat some of the catering, maybe do some warm ups, and that's all I can think of.
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