So, what's next for John Cena?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. He got Rock Bottomed and pinned clean Sunday night, and then got F-5ed the next night on Raw. So, what will happen next? Who will he feud with? Rock? Brock? Miz? Who will win those feuds, and who do you think should?

    Lets face it, Cena hasn't looked this weak in a while, he's actually vincible for a change. Why are they doing this to Cena? Are they trying to push him down the card so they can rebuild him, and make him feel a lot fresher in the main-event scene? Are they setting up a cheesy, sympathetic story of "heart and toughness"? Are WWE finally figuring out that they need someone else to be their top babyface? Is Cena going to be Superman again next week? Or are they setting up the long-awaited heel turn?

    The curious case of Cena has never been this interesting. Discuss.
  2. I think they will continue to tease a heel turn, but I'm interested to see how they keep him and Brock apart. It's pretty obvious IMO that they don't want them to have a match until a more important PPV... if not Mania, at least Summerslam. They certainly won't want to blow that load at Extreme Rules or OTL.
  3. This.

    Many people think Brock is just going to feud with other people now, he just F5'd the biggest name in the company... it's obviously a long pulled out Brock vs Cena feud. Now, I think they'll tease the heel turn like they have over recent months. If he doesn't turn heel after this feud, then he never will.

    I hope they continue this "depressed" outlook for Cena, because that way a successful slow burn heel turn can be successful and epic. If it's another "rise above" thing then gtfo.
  4. He is gonna go film " death to smoochie part 2!!!

    I think he is going to be "injured". Maybe sell a neck injury

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